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Автор курса: Логинова Наталья Геннадьевна, кандидат педагогических наук, учитель высшей категории. Начало обучения новой группы: 27 сентября.

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Конспекты по английскому языку на тему "Climate in the UK" (7 класс)




Form: 7

The theme: Climate in the UK

The aims: a/ to develop pupils’ skills of pronunciation and enlarge their vocabulary;

b/ to instruct the pupils in comprehension of new words in an unfamiliar context;

c/ to introduce the grammar material.

Visual aids: pictures

The procedure of the lesson:

I.Warming up.

- Good morning, pupils!

Good afternoon, good afternoon

Good afternoon to you

Good afternoon, good afternoon

We are glad to see you.

I am glad to see you!

- What date is it today?

- What day of the week is it today?

- Who is on duty today?

- Who is absent?

II. Presentation of the new lesson.

Our theme in our lesson is Climate in the UK

Let’s begin our lesson.

Teacher: Top of the morning, everyone! I mean you pupils and our respected guests. You know, at the previous lesson I handed out the text “Climate, Weather, Wildlife”, asking you to read it, divide into parts and entitle them. What country is this text about?

Pupil 1: This text is about the UK.

Teacher: So, the theme of our lesson is “The Geography Outlook of the UK: Climate, Weather, Wildlife”.

What is the official name of the country? (слайд – карта Великобританії.)

Lets review:

- the parts (countries) the UK consists of, and their capitals;

- the people who live in the UK and the languages they speak;

- water bodies around the UK;

- water bodies that separate Britain from the continent;

- the flags of the UK.( слайды)

Teacher: I hope, you remember when we should use the definite article with geographical names. (картки с завданням.) Fill in articles where necessary. (3 хв.)

1) ________ British Isles 2) ________ Cardiff 3) ________ Scots 4) ________ Atlantic Ocean 5) _______ Wales 6) _______ Straits of Dover 7) _____ Scottish 8) _______ English Channel 9) _______ English 10) _______ Union Jack 11) _______ Belfast 12) ________ Irish Sea 13) ______ Ireland 14) ______Northern Ireland 15) ________ United Kingdom.

Teacher: Let’s go on. Take the text “Climate, Weather, Wildlife”. How many parts could you find in it? What is the first part about?

Pupil 1: This part is about climate and weather in the UK.

(Слайд “Climate and Weather in the UK”)

1. Teacher: Read the text about the weather in Britain. Fill in the blanks with these words and expressions. (Карточка)

skies but fairly temperature short rains know changeable people winters sometimes long at a time often weather does


In Britain, the ……………. is very …………….: it ………………. a lot, but the sun often shines too.

……………. can be ………….. cold, with an average ……………… of 5o C in the south; there is often snow.

Summers can be cool or warm, but the temperature …………. not usually go above 30o C. It is ……….. cloudy, and there are …………. grey ………… for days or weeks ………….. .

Days are …………. in summer and ……….. in winter. There is sometimes fog, ……... not so often as foreigners think. British …………. never ………. what tomorrow’s weather will be like.

(Во время самостоятельной работы учащихся звучит запись «Звук дождя».)

Проверка: чтение восстановленного текста учащимися. (Слайд)

2. Teacher: There are three ways of talking about the weather.


It often rains. There is often rain. It is often rainy (or wet).

Put these words into the correct columns: sunny, hot, snows, snow, wind, windy, cold, cool, cloud, cloudy, warm, foggy, fog.

Teacher: Now you can tell about British climate / weather. I hope. British people like to speak about the weather. I’d like you’ll prepare for the dialogue about our weather at home. You may use ex.9 p.167.

Teacher: How can you name the following part of the text?

Pupil 1: “Plants of the UK”

- Some plants have become symbols in the UK. What are they?

- What plant is the emblem of Scotland (Northern Ireland, Wales, and England)?

- The UK used to be a land of big forests. What trees can you find in the UK?

Teacher: How can you name the following part of the text?

Pupil 1: “Birds and Animals of the UK”

- What have you read about the animal life of the UK?

- How many kinds of birds live in the UK?

- What are the most numerous?

- What is the national bird of the UK? (Запись пения малиновки)

- Why is wildlife in great danger in GB?

- Do we have the same problems in our country? (Видеоряд “Imagine” )

- What can you do to protect animals, birds and plants?


· Pick up litter. Litter is not only ugly, but it can be harmful to wildlife. Small animals can get hurt on sharp cans or broken bottles.

· Plant some seeds or seedlings to help save the soil.

· Make it nicer to look at by planting flowers. Flowers also attract wildlife.

· Plant shrubs or trees on your plot to provide food and shelter for birds and squirrels.

· Hang a bird’s feeder from a pole or tree on your plot to give birds food all year round.

Teacher: We have worked too much and I’d like to appraise the activity at work…

Thank you for the lesson.

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