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Конспекты по английскому языку по теме " School Uniform" 7 Grade

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The theme of the lesson:   A school uniform 6 а,Б сынып. 10.12.2015

The objectives of the lesson: 

  1. to teach pupils to read the text about a school uniform in Great Britain and give the main idea of the text

 to educate pupils to ethics

 to develop pupils skills and habits in completing the chart, in doing different level task, to fill a diagram, to answer the questions

 Materials for the lesson: cards, pictures, computer.

V/ e: Searching

T/ e: Introduction

M/t: practical

The procedure of the lesson

  1. The organisation moment of the lesson

  2. Greetings

  3. A short talk

  4. Checking the home task

  5. to retell the text

  6. Topic “ A typical day at school”


  • The presantation of the new theme

Answer these questions? Look at the picture!

  1. What subjects are being taught in each picture?

  2. Do you study these subjects at school?

  3. What are your favourite subjects?

  4. Do you wear a uniform? Why?

  5. Why do you go to school?

I go to school, I have the opportunity to learn, the tearchers tries to prepare us for life.

 New theme

 Learn to pronounce these words.

  1. To read the text and to translate


 Practice: Work with  computer: Complete the table:


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