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Контроль аудирования для 6 класса

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Аудирование 1

Form 6. Listening

Two friends
Once upon a time there lived two mice. One of them lived in a big city. Her name was Minny. Minny’s friend lived in a village. Her name was Maggy. One day Maggy decided to visit Minny. She went to the city by train. She saw many beautiful houses, shops, parks and squares, there were a lot of buses, cars, trams and trolley-buses in the streets. She got to Minny’s house by bus. Maggy was glad to see her friend. “Do you like to live in the city?” Maggy asked Minny. Minny said, “Oh, of course, I like the city. There is a lot of to eat corn and cheese but there’s a big black cat in the Kitchen of every day. the house where I live”. Then Maggy had an idea, “Let’s buy a TV-set for the cat. He likes to watch TV”. Minny liked the idea. They went to the shop and bought a TV-set.
Every day the cat sat down to watch TV and the mice came to the kitchen to eat corn and cheesе.

Task 1 
Выберите правильное окончание предложения

1. Once upon a time there lived...
а) two cats;
b) three mice;
с) two dogs;
d) two mice;

2. One of them lived…
a) in a big village;
b) in a small city;
c) in a big city;
d) in a small village.

3. One day Maggy decided to visit…
a) her mother;
b) her friend;
c) her teacher;
d) her sister.

4. She went to the city…
a) by train;
b) by plain;
с) by car;
d) by ship.

5. Maggy got to Minny’s house...
a) by car;
b) by trolley-bus;
c) by tram;
d) by bus.

6. Minny said it was nice to live... 
a) in the village; 
b) in the house; 
c) in the flat; 
d) in the city. 

7. There was... 
a) a little black cat in the house; 
b) a big black dog in the house; 
c) a big black cat in the house; 
d) a big white cat in the house. 

8. They decided to buy... 
a) a radio-set; 
b) an arm-chair; 
c) a TV-set; 
d) a sofa. 

9. They went... 
a) to the shop; 
b) to the hospital; 
c) to school; 
d) to the library.

Task 2
Ответьте на вопросы

1. Where did the mice live?
2. Who decided to visit Minny?
3. Did she go to the city by bus or by train?
4. What did she see in the city?
5. Whom was Maggy glad to see?
6. Did Minny like to live in the city?
7. Who else lived in the house?
8. What idea did Maggy have?
9. What did they buy in the shop?
10. What did the cat do every day?
11. What could the mice do every day?

Task 3
Определите неправильное слово

I can(A) to eat corn(B) and cheese(C) every day.

He(A) like(B) to(C) watch TV.

But there(A) are(B) a big black(C) cat in the house.

Аудирование 2

Task 1

Listen to the interview and decide which answer is correct, a, b or c.

1. George lives in

a Los Angeles.

b New York.

c Aspen.

2. George goes to the studios by

a bus.

b car.

c taxi.

3. In the Actors’ Club he

a plays computer games.

b plays basketball.

c goes swimming.

4. George usually goes on holiday

a in summer.

b in February.

c in winter.

5.George’s favourite sport is

a jogging.

b skiing.

c swimming.

Task 2

Listen to the interview again and decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).

1 _____ In New York George gets up at 8.15.

2 _____ He meets his friends in Central Park.

3 _____ George works in the evening.

4 _____ His friends call him lazy.

5 _____ He goes skiing in Aspen.

Аудирование 3

Прослушайте текст «The power of Imagination» и отметьте, какое утверждение правильное (True), а какое неправильное (False). Занеси ответы в бланк ответов № 1.

  1. Mr. Green made trips to America, and he visited Canada.

  2. Mr. Green was very fond of traveling.

  3. Mr. Green didn`t liked the idea to share a room with another traveler.

  4. It began raining heavily and Mr. Green was too tired to go to another hotel .

  5. The other traveler asked Mr. Green to help him as felt cold.

  6.  Mr. Green opened his eyes and saw a tiger.

  7. Mr. Green got out of bed and began looking for trousers, but he could not find them in the dark.

  8. The second traveler answered, “Please, closes the window quickly”.

  9. Mr. Green took a chair and broke the window with it.

  10. When two travelers woke up they were surprised to see that Mr. Green had broken a large mirror instead of the window.

Mr. Green was very fond of traveling. He made trips to Europe and Asia, and he visited India too. Once he arrived at a small hotel in the evening. The receptionist told him that he had to share his room with another traveler. Mr. Green didn't like the idea very much, but there was nothing he could do about it. It began raining heavily and he was too tired to go to another hotel. So he agreed to spend the night with another traveler. A porter showed both of them to their room, took in their things and wished them good night. Soon the two men went to sleep.

Suddenly Mr. Green heard some noise. He opened his eyes but didn't see anything. It was quite dark. "What's the matter?" Mr. Green asked in surprise. The second traveler answered, "I am very sorry, I had to wake you up. I am not well. Please, open the window quickly."

Mr. Green got out of bed and began looking for matches, but he could not find them in the dark, so he tried to find the window. It took him some time and at last he thought he had found it. But he could not open it. As the voice of the traveler became weaker and weaker, Mr. Green took a chair and broke the window with it. Then the man said that he was much better. The two of them went to bed at once and slept till morning.

When they woke up the next morning they were surprised to see that Mr. Green had broken to pieces a large mirror instead of the window.

Ответы раздела 1. Аудирование

  1. False; 2. True; 3. True; 4. False; 5. False; 6. False; 7. False; 8. False; 9. True; 10. True/

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