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Контрольная работа часть I для 6 класса, Биболетова М.З., ФК ГОС.


Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку для 6 класса

I. Lexical- grammar test.

A. Choose the correct answer

1. My mother ________ fond of gardening.

a) am b) is c) are

2. When do you usually go _______ bed?

a) to b) in c) for

3. Can you ___________ secrets?

a) take b) do c) keep

4. These books _________ worth reading.

a) am b) is c) are

5. My little sister likes to look at ________ in the mirror.

a) myself b) herself c) itself

6. Do you like this dress? I have made it ______.

a) itself b) yourself c) myself

7. This work is not difficult and you can do it ______.

a) yourselves b) ourselves c) themselves

8. Tom, be a good boy and make your bed _______.

a) himself b) yourself c) yourselves

9. I ____ all my homework. Can I go for a walk?

a) do b) did c) have done

10. He ___________this film yesterday.

a) sees b) has seen c) saw

11. They _________their house this year.

a) have built b) built c) build

12. _____ you ever____tennis ?

a) did ____ play b) have ____ played c) does ____ play

13. She_______ the test yet.

a) hasn’t written b) didn’t write c) doesn’t write

14. When _______you ______your car?

a) did ___ buy b) have ____ bought c) does ___buy

15. I ___________ in Moscow last week.

a) wasn’t b) weren’t c) haven’t been

16. Alice _______to school three years ago. She was only five.

a) doesn’t go b) hasn’t gone c) didn’t go

17. Our country is rich _____ rivers and lakes.

a) for b) in c) of

18. I am tired ______ doing my homework.

a) off b) on c) of

19. Moscow is famous ______ its museums and art galleries.

a) in b) for c) of

B. Complete these sentences by using the correct word from the box. Use each word once only. There is an extra word which you do not need to use.

In a Language School

water fond exciting whole problems love making teacher boring summer learning

Fourteen-year-old Andy, who is from Korea, lives in France. He is (1)____French and is also studying English. What’s it like for him? “I (2)________living here,” says Andy, “and I’m beginning to feel like I’ve lived here my (3)_______life and not for only four years. I’m not usually very good at (4)_____ friends, but everyone here is so nice that I’m not having any (5)_____. If I don’t understand an exercise at school, I ask the (6)____ or one of my friends to help me with it, and they always do. I enjoy most of the subjects we do at school, but I’m not very (7)_____of history. It’s a bit (8)______! Another thing I like about living here is that I’m able to do lots of (9)_____sports, like swimming and water-skiing. I’m really looking forward to my (10)______holidays this year because I want to learn windsurfing!”

C. Put article the if it is necessary.

  1. _____ Atlantic Ocean is cold, isn’t it?

  2. ____ Australia is a continent.

  3. We live in _____ Oxford Street in _____ London.

  4. _____ Greens invited us to the party!

  5. How can I get to ______ Kremlin?

  6. Susan Grey is _____ youngest student in her group.

  7. _____ Sun is a star.

  8. _____ first house she bought herself was in Oxford.

  9. ______ Volga is a river.

10. _______ Netherlands isn’t a very big country, is it?

D. Choose the similar word.

1) holiday

a) hobby b) celebration c) gardening

2) to enjoy

a) to prefer b) to have fun c) to celebrate

3) to ride a bike

a) to go by bike b) to drive a bike c) to walk by bike

4) same

a) favourite b) common c) similar

5) to like

a) to be fond of b) to take part in c) to relax


1. b) is

2. a) to

3. c) keep

4. a) are

5. b) herself

6. c) myself

7. a) yourselves

8. b) yourself

9. c) have done

10. c) saw

11. a) have built

12. b) have ___ played

13. a) hasn’t written

14. a) did ___ buy

15. a) wasn’t

16. c) didn’t go

17. c) didn’t you

18. c) does he

19. b) haven’t they

20. a) is she

21. a) don’t they

22. c) can they

23. b) in

24. c) of

25. b) for

26. a) author

27. b) open

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