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Контрольная работа для 8 класса

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Входной тест 8 класс

  1. Choose the right item:

1. You are not good at maths, ______________ you?

a) aren't                        b) are                        c) were

2I will wear jeans to the party if my mother ___________________ them.

a) buy                        b) will buy                c) buys

3When Jenny rang up, her brother ______________ a shower in the bathroom.

a) was taking                b) took                        c) will take

4I don't know when he  ______________ to us.

a) comes                        b) will come                c) come

5Andy, _______________ you hear the train now?

a) do                        b) are                        c) did

6Wilson never listens to ___________________.

a) everybody                b) anybody                c) nobody

7The Browns don't know my e-mail address and I don't know ____________.

a) they                        b) their                        c) theirs

8Jack, you ______________ swim in the river. The water is very cold.

a) must                        b) may                        c) mustn't

2. Complete the disjunctive questions:

1. California is famous for its beaches, _________________ ?

2. The Browns live in a beautiful house, ________________ ?

3. He never comes home late, _______________ ?

4. I am going to Scotland in summer, ____________ ?

5. Pauline didn't know that boy, _____________ ?\

6. Mother saw us in the street, ______________ ?

7. it is not raining now, _______________ ?

8. We must get up early tomorrow, _________________ ?

9. Nina could read books at six years old, _____________ ?

10. These are not warm, _____________________ ?

3. Article a/an or no article:

  1. Jason is such ______ brave boy!

  2. It is such ______ cold water!

  3. Where can I find such ______ easy texts?

  4. It is such ______ wonderful weather!

  5. It is such ______ important news!

4. Complete the text:

Jean-Claud van Damme is a famous actor. When he (be) ____________ a child, he (take) ____________ ballet lessons, (win) ___________ different ballet competitions. Then a Paris ballet company (give) ___________ him a job as a dancer, but he (decide) ____________ (work) ____________ in films, so he (take not) _________________ the job. Instead, he (go) ___________ to the USA. In 1981 he (travel) _____________ to Hollywood. He (have) ___________ English lessons and (work) _____________ for a pizza house. That was how he (make) ____________ money. One night he (meet) _____________ a film producer outside the restaurant. "Hello, I (be) __________ Jean-Claud van Damme, " he (say) ____________. "I (be) ____________ an actor soon." The producer (believe not) ________________ him then. And he (be) _____________ wrong. Now there are few people in the world who (know not) _________________ this actor.

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