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Обращаем Ваше внимание: Министерство образования и науки рекомендует в 2017/2018 учебном году включать в программы воспитания и социализации образовательные события, приуроченные к году экологии (2017 год объявлен годом экологии и особо охраняемых природных территорий в Российской Федерации).

Учителям 1-11 классов и воспитателям дошкольных ОУ вместе с ребятами рекомендуем принять участие в международном конкурсе «Законы экологии», приуроченном к году экологии. Участники конкурса проверят свои знания правил поведения на природе, узнают интересные факты о животных и растениях, занесённых в Красную книгу России. Все ученики будут награждены красочными наградными материалами, а учителя получат бесплатные свидетельства о подготовке участников и призёров международного конкурса.


Конкурс "Законы экологии"

Контрольная работа для 8 класса


1 вариант

Установите соответствие между заголовками A-E  и текстами 1-4. В задании один заголовок лишний.

  1. Perfect for a quiet holiday

  2. From travelling to discoveries

  3. To preserve and respect

  4. On-line service

  5. The world wonders

  1. For many years now, mail-order shopping has served the needs of a certain kind of customers. Everything they order from a catalogue is delivered to their door. Now, e-mail shopping on the Internet has opened up even more opportunities for this kind of shopping.

  2. Charles Darwin’s five-year voyage on H.M.S. Beagle has become legendary and greatly influenced his masterwork, the book, On the Origin of Species. Darwin didn’t actually formulate his theory of evolution while sailing around the world aboard the Royal Navy ship. But the exotic plants and animals he encountered challenged his thinking and led him to consider scientific evidence in new ways.

  3. The purpose of ecological tourism is to educate the traveler, provide funds for conservation and promote respect for different cultures and human rights. The participants of ecotourism want the environment to stay relatively untouched by human intervention, so that coming generations can experience it fully. That is why ecotourism appeals to ecologically and socially conscious individuals, who don’t mind volunteering.

  4. Tresco is a beautiful island with no cars, crowds or noise – just flowers, birds, long sandy beaches and the Tresco Abbey Garden. John and Wendy Pyatt welcome you to the Island Hotel, famous for delicious food, comfort and brilliant service. You will appreciate superb accommodation, free saunas and the indoor swimming pool.


Выберите правильный ответ:

  1. The experts predict that over 250,000 Australian homes may suffer … rising sea levels.

a) at b) from c) by

  1. Fashion means a lot … some young teenagers.

a) to b) for c) of

  1. Christmas is the most important annual festival in both  Britain  and North America. In its origins, it combines the Christian … of the birth of Christ, on 25 December, with the ancient tradition of a winter holiday during the darkest period of the year. 

a) celebration b) celebrate c) celebrating

  1. People travel a lot nowadays. Planes are the most … means of transport.

a) comfort b) comfortable c) comforting

  1. Great Britain and Northern Ireland are separated by … Irish Sea.

a) a b) the c) --

  1. This is the … movie I have ever watched!

a) bad b) worse c) worst

  1. We … be rude to teachers.

a) should not b) need c) must not

8. Canada is the (two) largest country in the world.

a) second b) twice c) two

Open the brackets

Раскройте скобки:

  1. We (see) Liza Brown this week.

  2.   - You (stand) on my foot!

- Oh, I'm sorry.

3. The boy gave the goats the grass which he (bring) from the field.

4. He (wash) his car for 2 hours already.

5. If she tried harder, she (earn) more money.

6. She (win) the national championship 3 times.

7. A lot of silly mistakes (make) by him last year.

8. At the age of eighteen Mother Teresa (leave) her parental home in Skopje. 

Describe any picture.

Опишите одну из предложенных картинок



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