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Контрольная работа для 8 класса

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Ф.И. ________________________________________________________

1. Find the meaning for each word.

1) The Moon

a) any of a vast number of star systems held together by gravitational attraction in an asymmetric shape

2) a star

b) the state of a river that is at an abnormally high level

3) galaxy

c) the natural satellite of the earth

4) earthquake

d) a severe, often destructive storm

5) flood

e) the third planet from the sun, the only planet on which life is known to exist.

6) hurricane

f) the external surroundings in which a plant or animal lives, which tend to influence its development and behaviour

7) The Earth

g) a hot gaseous mass, such as the sun, that radiates energy

8) environment

h) harmful or poisonous substances introduced into an environment

9) pollution

i) the state of being vulnerable to injury, loss, or evil, risk

10) danger

j) a shaking of the ground caused by movement of the earth's surface.











2. Put the verb into the correct form, The Past Simple, The Past Continuous or the Past Perfect.

1) I wasn’t sure who she was. I (see) her before, but I couldn’t remember where. ____________

2) I (do) a lot of work yesterday. ____________

3) I (not, play) golf last summer. ___________

4) When Karen arrived, we (have) dinner. ________________

5) The house was dirty. They (not, clean) it for ages. __________________

6) So, at 10.30 they (play) tennis. _______________

7) We weren’t hungry. We just (have) lunch. _____________

8) What (do) you at 10 o’clock yesterday? ___________

9) It (not, rain) last week. _______________

10) The police (stop) me on my way home last night. _____________

3. Put the verb into correct form, Present Perfect or the Present Perfect Continuous.

1) Look! (somebody, break) that window. _____________________________________

2) You look tired. (you, work) hard? _________________________________________

3) (you, ever, work) in a factory? ____________________________________________

4) “Liz is away on holiday.” “ Is she? Where (she, go)?” _________________________

5) My brother is an actor. (he, appear) in several films. __________________________

6) “Sorry I’m late/” “ That is alright. (I, not, wait) long.” ______________________ __

7) (I, not, finish) it yet. It’s very interesting. ___________________________________

8) (I, read) the book you lent me, so you can have it back now. ___________________

9) This is a very old book. (I, have) it since I was a child. ________________________

10) “Where have you been? (you, play) tennis?” ________________________________

4. Translate the sentences into English.

1) Если бы люди не мусорили так много, наша планета бала бы чище.


2) В Англии дождливая погода, там редко бывает солнечно.


3) Я считаю, мы должны пользоваться специальными контейнерами для мусора.


4) Нам следует задуматься об окружающей среде.


5) На какую планету ты бы хотел полететь?


6) Как можно защитить диких животных?


7) Перерабатывать мусор дорого, но это помогает сделать нашу планету чище.


8) Из-за торнадо много людей остались без домов.


5. Correct the mistakes.

1) If I had spent more time on learning words, I wouldn’t made so many mistakes.


2) If I were you, I invite her to our party.


3) If I had read more books, I will answer to these questions.


4) If you didn’t watch TV until midnight, you would not have been late.


5) If Kate had called the police, she would got her things back.


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