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Контрольная работа для 6 класса (грамматика)

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Контрольная работа №3 по английскому языку для 6 класса

Task 1. Choose Present Simple or Present Continuous.

1 . The shops( open) at 9 o`clock and ( close) at 5.30.

2 . Julia (speak) 4 languages.

3.How often you (read) English books?

4. John (work ) today? I` sorry, I (not know).

5. She (hate) eating soup.

6. Where is Paul? In the kitchen. He (cook).

Task 2. Use Present Perfect.

  1. My cousin _____ his book. (not find).

  2. I can’t find sweets! Who ____all the sweets? (eat)

  3. Mike ___ his homework and now is playing in the yard. (already, do)

  4. Susan ___ a tasty cake for her birthday. (make)

  5. This is a book I ____. (never, read)

Task 3. Put the words in the correct order.

  1. Have, this, we, seen, film.

  2. Just, has, she, her, done, homework.

  3. to New York, our family, been, hasn’t yet.

  4. Have, a hamster, we, lately, bought.

  5. You, have, been, to Madrid, ever?

  6. Has, he, his keys, found.

Task 4. Ask questions.

1) He has bought a new book.

2) We have been to Los Angeles.

3) My sister has written a report.

Task 5. Choose Past Simple or Present Perfect.

1) We ____________ the Zoological Society of London. (join)

2) Our class ____________ to the Zoo yesterday. (go)

3) Last year my family ____ _________to the Black Sea. (go)

4) She just _______ _______from Italy. (return) She ___ _______________there last year. (go)

5) Yesterday they ___ ______________a party. (have)

Task 6. Listen to the people who have different health problems. Match their complaints and statements from A-F. One statement is extra.

Fill in the table:

  1. I have a sore throat.

  2. I have got a bad cough.

  3. I have got a stomachache.

  4. I have hay fever and prefer staying at home in July.

  5. I have got heart attacks regularly.

  6. I have a strong backache.

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