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Контрольная работа для 6 класса (II вариант)

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Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку в 6 классе

вариант 2
1. Present Simple или Present Progressive
a) They (watch) television very often.
b) Listen! Somebody (sing).
c) Tom (have) a shower at the moment.
d) Excuse me, (you/speak) English?

2. Past Simple или Present Perfect
a) My hair is clean. I (wash) it.
b) What time (you/ go) to bed last night?
c) Look! Somebody ( break) the window.
d) Kate loves traveling. She (visit) many countries.

3.Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Perfect
1. When they ( finish) talking, they shook hands and went out.
2. Margaret was late for work. Her boss was very surprised. She ( be/late) never before.
3. The woman was a complete stranger to me. I never (see) her before.

4. Поставьте данные существительные во множественном числе.
fox- tooth- mouse-
dress- child- man-
tiger- boy- tomato-

5. Поставьте существительные в притяжательном падеже.
1. the job/ my brother
2. the eyes/ the cat
3. the camera/ Tom
4. the toys/ the children

6. Употребите правильно обороты there is / there are
1. Look! ------- a photo of George in the newspaper!
2. Dunford is a very modern town.--------many old buildings in it.
3.Excuse me,------ a restaurant near here?
4. How many students------in your class?

7.Вставьте предлоги: for, in, during, with, to.
Our school will be responsible … the social and educational programme.
Russian students will stay … the partner family.
The boys run in the classroom … the break.
Barbara invited Russian students … Britain.
She proposes that they come… 15-20 days … April.

Read the text.

bring – brought- привозить               grow – grew -  выращивать, расти

expensive -  дорогой                          сheap – дешевый   


Food from around the world

       We eat a lot of different kinds of food today. Before the 16 th century, people in Europe didn't have a lot of the things that we can eat and drink every day.

At the end of the 15 th century, people from Europe started to travel to other parts of the world. They went to America, Africa and Asia.  They brought back a lot of new kinds of food.  Chocolate came from Mexico. The Aztecs there drank chocolate with pepper! The Spanish brought chocolate to Europe and they were first to put sugar in it. Until the 1870s, chocolate was only a drink. The Swiss made the first bar of chocolate in 1876.

Tomatoes, peppers and avocados all came from Mexico, too. The Spanish took seeds back to Spain and started to grow the plants there.  Soon they spread to other countries in Europe and then to other parts of the world. The words tomato, chocolate and avocado all come from the old Aztec language.

Potatoes came from South America. Potatoes like cold, wet weather. They grew in the mountains of Peru. Coffee came from Africa. The Turks took it to Turkey and then to Europe. Tea came from China in the 17 th century. At first it was very expensive and only rich people drank it, but in the 19 th century the British started to grow tea in India. They produced a lot, so it was cheap and everybody could drink it.

1.Choose the correct answer:

Aztecs drank chocolate with…….




At the end of the 15 th century, people from Europe started to travel……

to America, Canada and Africa

to America, England and Asia

to America, Africa and Asia

……….. came from Mexico.




The Turks brought ……………….to Europe.

a)  turkeys

b)  tea

c)  coffee

5. …………were were first to put sugar into chocolate.

 a)  the Spanish

b)  the English

c)  the French

2. Продолжи предложение.

The Spanish brought………………

The Spanish took ……………………

Soon they spread………………………

The words tomato,…………, ………….

Potatoes like…………………

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