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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Контрольная работа для 8 класса к разделу 2 УМК Биболетвой М.З.
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Контрольная работа для 8 класса к разделу 2 УМК Биболетвой М.З.


TEST 1 - Grade 8 _____________________________________________

I. Put in the right word in a sentence. think about the form. ( miserable, earthquake, space, to do damage, key problem, break )

1. She fell and ______________________ her arm. 2. _________________________ is a sudden shaking of the ground. 3. The drought ________________ a lot of ___________________ last year. 4. Scientists will solve many _______________________________ in the future. 5. It is a _________________ __day today. 6. There is enough ________________ for me to work here.

II. Use the word in capitals to form a new word.

1. 2000 people were killed during the __________________________________ hurricane. DISASTER

2. It's a __________________________ day, isn't it? LOVE

3. Have you read his article about space ____________________________ . EXPLORE

III. Past Simple / Past Continuous

1. The old lady ________________________ TV when the phone ___________________ . ( watch, ring)

2. When the boy _________________ him, he __________________________ at the sky. ( touch, look)

3. She ___________________ home while I _________________________ for the test. ( come, prepare)

4. The little girl _____________________________ the whole evening yesterday. ( cry)

5.The terrible flood ________________________ all houses in the town last year. ( destroy)

IV. For or since.

1. She has been playing the guitar _______________ two years.

2. We have known each other _____________________ childhood.

3. They have been learning the words ___________________ morning.

4. John has been living in the city ____________________ October.


An earthquake is one of the worst natural disasters on our earth. We think that the ground we stand on is very stable, but it isn't. It moves quite a lot. Earthquakes can be caused by a lot of things:

volcanoes that suddenly erupt, meteorites that hit the earth, undergrounds explosions, buildings that fall apart. But most earthquakes happen because the earth's plates move. In the middle of the 20th century scientists found out that continents do not always stay in the same place.

Earthquakes occur all over the world but there are places where they happen more often. Big earthquakes can be found where plates meet. 80% of the world's earthquakes happen around the Pacific Ocean—near the east coast of Asia and the west coast of America. Japan has over 2,000 earthquakes every year and California and South America are also very active earthquake zones. The edge of the Pacific Ocean is also called the "Ring of Fire" because there are also many active volcanoes in this region.

Earthquakes make the ground move. Buildings shake and many of them collapse. Another danger is fire. In 1906 San Francisco was hit by a big earthquake and many houses burned down because they were made of wood. When an earthquake occurs on the sea floor, big waves - called tsunamis - hit the coast. They often come without any warning and they kill many people and destroy buildings and streets near the coast. Earthquakes also can lead to diseases, especially in developing countries. When water supplies are destroyed people don't have safe water to drink. Sometimes earthquakes also hit hospitals where injured people are treated.

We understand earthquakes a lot better today than we did 50 years ago, but we still can't do very much about them. They are so powerful, that we cannot control them. Scientists can tell us in which regions earthquakes will probably happen, but they can't tell us exactly where.

I. Divide this text into 4 paragraphs

II. . True/ false

a) Most earthquakes are caused by meteorites.

b) Zones around the Atlantic Ocean are the most active earthquake zones.

c) Earthquake is the worst natural disaster on the Earth.

d) Now we can control earthquakes and predict them.

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