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Контрольная работа для 5 класса по ФГОС к УМК Биболетовой

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FORM: _________________________

Контрольная работа в 5 классе

  1. Послушай рассказы детей о том, как они провели свой выходной день. Установи соответствие между каждым рассказом и местом, где они побывали в выходной. Занеси свои ответы в таблицу: впиши соответствующую букву. Ты услышишь каждый рассказ дважды.

          1. In the cinema

          2. At the theatre club

          3. At home

          4. At the birthday party

  1. Прочитайте текст и выберите правильный вариант ответа.

It is a nice summer day today. The sun is shining brightly. It isn`t cloudy and rainy. The weather is hot today. It`s lovely Sunday morning. I like Sunday and not Monday or Friday because on Sundays I don’t go to school.

I and my family have a picnic. We spend time on the bank of the river. But we don`t swim today because the water is cold. We are going to play badminton and have lunch. It`s 2 o`clock now, but we will go home at 7. It will be the best day in my life.

1. What season is it now?


2. What`s the weather like today?

hello_html_m7a49f98.jpgA hello_html_4c47c799.jpg B hello_html_mf923e27.jpg C hello_html_m60912a7c.jpg D

3. What do the children do in the countryside?

hello_html_66689f8a.jpgA hello_html_m310e7007.jpg B hello_html_m769e9365.jpg C hello_html_617c46f9.jpg D

4. What day of the week is it today?

a) Monday b) Sunday c) Saturday d) Friday

5. When will they go home?

a) at 5 o`clock b) at 2 o`clock c) at 7 o`clock d) at 9 o`clock

  1. Подберите правильное окончание к данному вопросу.

      1. He likes detective stories,…….?

a) don`t he? b) doesn`t he? c) isn`t he?

      1. They have got a big house in the country,….?

a) aren`t they? b) didn`t they? c) haven`t they?

      1. My friends are students, ….?

a) aren`t they? b) isn`t he? c) don`t friends?

      1. Mike can`t skate, ….?

a) does he? b) can`t Mike? c) can he?

      1. The teacher will read a new story next lesson,…?

a) won`t she? b) isn`t she? c) doesn`t she?

  1. Поставьте глагол to be в нужной форме.

    1. Tom _____ going to eat breakfast.

    2. My mother _____ going to cook supper.

    3. We ______ going to skate in winter.

    4. On Sundays he _____ going to do shopping.

    5. The little boy _____ going to play football today.

    6. The children ____ going to walk in the garden.

    7. I ______ going to arrange birthday party on the 9th of May.

  2. Выберете и вставьте глагол в нужной форме.

      1. I usually ……….. TV with my family.

a) watch b) watches c) am watching

      1. They …….. to school now.

a) are going b) goes c) go

      1. Every evening my father ……. a new magazine.

a) read b) reads c) is reading

      1. My friend usually …….. part in the concert.

a) take b) takes c) is taking

      1. What……. you …… now? – I am painting.

a) do you do b) does you do c) are you doing.

  1. Задайте вопросы к данному предложению.

They are going to skate with their friends on Saturday.


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