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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Контрольная работа для 11 класса по теме "Современные технологии" ( Учебник Биболетовой М.З. "Enjoy English")

Контрольная работа для 11 класса по теме "Современные технологии" ( Учебник Биболетовой М.З. "Enjoy English")

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Control Test. 11-th form.

Theme 3 “Heading for a better new world”

  1. Listening.

  2. Choose the right word:

  1. 1.Machines or devices used for cooking or cleaning the house.

    1. device b. artefact c. appliances

  2. An object such as a tool, weapon, coin that dates back to the old past

    1. device b. artefact c. appliances

  3. A machines, a tool, or a system that someone has made, designed or thought of for the 1st name.

    1. discovery b. research c. invention

  4. It isn’t possible to … people and nature nowadays.

a. separate b. shape c. maintain

5. The author of “ Frankenstein” is

a. Thomas Mann b. I.K. Brunnel c. M.Shelley

6. The Great Eastern was the largest… ever built.

a. tunnel b. ship c. bridge

7. Sir Cyril Burt believed that … was really inherited.

a. IQ b. DNA c. genetics

8. Niels Borh was an outstanding …

a. chemist b. physicist c. physiologist

9. The word “clone” comes from…

a. Greek b. Latin c. English

10. … with a warm salt water solution will ease your sore throat.

a. Drinking b. Sneezing c. Gargling

11. He is undergoing medical … right now.

a. cure b. treatment c. remedy

12. There is no way to stop the … progress.

a. technology b. technological c. technologies

III. Vocabulary work. Translate into Russian:

  1. fraud

  2. acid rains

  3. collapse

  4. invention

  5. fake

  6. cutting-edge

  7. buff

  8. treatment

  9. nuclear

  10. accelerate

  11. to evolve

  12. trial trip

  13. remedy

  14. extinction

IV. Wordbuilding. Write all derivatives you remember.

  1. active

  2. to depend

  3. to rely

  4. human

  5. to develop

  6. to invent

  7. to require

  8. to civilize.

  9. possible

  10. protect

  1. Match the words to make up meaningful phrases.

marine, medical, twins, research, technological, alternative, mammal, developing, embryo, medicine, identical, breakthrough

VI. Use the words in the appropriate forms :

Doctors insist that their patients can make a significant __1___ in their quality of life without any __2__ treatment but simply by doing twenty minutes of walking every day. In the first place it refers to __3__ people whose illnesses are often consequences of their obesity. __4__, it’s an obvious fact that lots of people who live in a megalopolis spend most of their life sitting or lying. Actually we don’t do enough exercise. Isn’t it the right time to choose an active life and __5__ eating habits rather than pills and __6__?







VII. Fill in the verbs in correct form.

1. Ann was awarded the highest recognition for the research which ( do) by her not long ago.

2. It was a great surprise that this tunnel ( construct) in such a short time.

3. She told us she (remember) by her former students.

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