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Контрольная работа для 6 класса "Rules and regulations" (Spotlight)

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Module 8 “Rules and regulations”

  1. Complete the sentences and use a comparative form or superlative form.

  1. This coffee is very weak. I like it a bit (немного) (strong).

  2. Russia is (big) country in the world.

  3. The room in the hotel was really big. I expected (ожидать) it to be (expensive).

  4. The weather is too hot in this city. I’d like to live somewhere (cold).

  5. John is (good) player than Jane.

  6. I know you can do it (good) than your classmate.

  7. Everest is (high) mountain.

  8. My home task is a bit boring sometimes. I’d like to do something (interesting).

  9. This is (strong) coffee I have ever tried!

  10. It is the (old) church in my city.

  1. Use have to/don’t have to/needn’t

  1. He _______ keep the room tidy.

  2. You ________ buy tomatoes, we have lots of them.

  3. The car park is free here, so you _______________ pay for it.

  4. You _________ speak louder, I can hear quite well.

  5. We have got plenty of time, so we _________ hurry.

  6. They ______________ wear a school uniform on Fridays, but they usually do.

  1. Match the questions to the answers.


Why don't we go shopping?


Brilliant idea! They have a new film.


Shall we go to the cinema?


That sounds good. I need some exercise.


How about visiting Dave?


OK. Let's look for a new shirt.


Why don't we go to the gym?


I don't really like eating outdoor.


How about having a picnic?


I'd rather not. I don't like him.

  1. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

e.g. to/go/school/has/Tracy/to

Tracy has to go to school.

1. uniform / wear/ to/ I / have / a.

2. washing up/ needn’t /the /You / do

3. house / keep / to / They / have / the/ clean.

4. early / wake / have / don't / to/ We / up.

5. her / has / make / bed / She /to.

5. . Read the text and answer the questions.

Dear Kirsten,

Hi! How are you? I'm writing to say thank you for letting me stay with you.

Your family's flat is very different from our cottage. The rooms in your flat are smaller than the rooms in our cottage. We can go for a walk in the countryside, but we can't go to the cinema or the theatre. We can enjoy peace and quiet, but we can't see a lot of people. I guess no one can have everything they want.

Visit me soon.

All my love, Amy

e.g. What kind of home does Amy live in? A cottage

  1. What kind of home does Kirsten live in?

  2. Which home has the biggest rooms?

  3. Which home is close to a cinema and a theatre?

  4. Which home is in the countryside?

  5. Which home is peaceful and quiet?



  1. stronger

  2. the biggest

  3. more expensive

  4. colder

  5. better

  6. better

  7. the highest

  8. more interesting

  9. the strongest

  10. oldest


  1. has to

  2. needn`t

  3. needn`t

  4. don`t have to

  5. don`t have to

  6. don`t have to


  1. С

  2. A

  3. E

  4. B

  5. D


  1. I have to wear a uniform

  2. You needn’t do the washing up

  3. They have to the keep the house clean.

  4. We don`t have to wake up early.

  5. She has to make her bed.


  1. Cottage

  2. Cottage

  3. Flat

  4. Cottage

  5. Cottage

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