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Контрольная работа для 10 класса(Unit 3) по УМК Кузовлева

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TEST( 10 form)

1. Put the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives in brackets.

The sinking of the Titanic is one of 1) …(famous) shipwreck stories of all time. The Titanic was said to be 2)… (safe) ocean liner in the world. When it set sail, all the cabins were full, from 3)…( expensive) to 4)…(cheap) ones on the lower deck. Some of 5)… ( rich) people in the world set sail for America on one of 6)…(long) and … (dangerous) crossings attempted by such a liner. The captain was one of 8)…(good), but he made a big mistake which caused hundreds of deaths. As they sailed on, the going became 9)… (difficult). Suddenly the captain saw an iceberg ahead but, by then, it was too late to do anything. They sailed 10)… (close) until finally they hit it. Everyone rushed to the lifeboats. Some survived but many died. The survivors said it was 11)… (frightening) experience of their lives and they felt like 12)… (lucky) people on earth to have survived.

2. Fill in like or as.

Terry McCain works 1) … a pianist in a restaurant in Atlanta. No one in town plays the piano 2)… well 3)… he does. He looks a bit 4) … Stevie Wonder, that is why he is known to his friends 5)… “ Stevie”. One night he was playing in the restaurant 6) … usual, when he was approached by the leader of the biggest jazz band in America. He offered Terry a job 7) … lead pianist in his band. This made him so happy he felt 8) … dancing on his piano. So he did!

3. Complete the sentences with the following verbs: to rebel, to conform, to identify, to try out, to reject.

  1. You must … to the rules or leave the school.

  2. At the moment he is writing the story about a teenager who … against his father.

  3. Why did Sarah … her brother’s offer of help?

  4. Jamie could hardly wait to … his new bike.

  5. I didn’t enjoy the movie because I couldn’t … with any of the characters.

Which speaker says that …

1. he doesn’t care for jazz?

2. he prefers the music his friends like?

3. pop music is really boring?

4. he knows nothing about reggae?

5. he doesn’t listen to classical music?

6. his favourite style is folk music?

7. electronic music becomes more and more popular?




Speaker A

You know you’ve got to discuss the events of your life with friends. I’m happy we share interests and the way we take the life. At school we discuss clothes, music and singers we listen to. It is also pleasant to get a new disc before my friends have it and to describe my emotions and impressions to them.

Speaker B

I don’t see what they all find in jazz. I don’t find it attractive at all. I think classical music is poetic, pleasant, moving, inspiring … but jazz isn’t. Well, it is not that I hate listening to jazz, no, this style has simply no appeal to me. Improvisation is not what I really like whether it is improvisation in singing or in playing.

Speaker C

Unlike other teens, I like many music styles, but I’m not a specialist in any of them. I don’t know names except those of world-famous composers, such as Mozart or John Lennon, I’m not interested in certain styles, for example, I can’t tell you anything about reggae. All I can say it is some exotic music, but it used to be popular once. That’s all I have to say.

Speaker D

I like techno. I just adore it. Very energetic. Really modern. Reminds me of spacecraft, androids, unlike that Gershwin stuff.

Speaker E

As for me, I don’t care for pop music. I find it rather dull. All songs sound the same, their lyrics are built up of a hundred of words, and those words are usually rhymed badly and are meaningless. Singers sound very much the same. So, pop music gets on my nerves.

Speaker F

When I was young, nobody heard of electronic music. Well, most of people heard nothing of computers at all. But nowadays youngsters become more and more attached to the sounds computers produce for them. But what I say is: why not? They have right for it, don’t they?

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