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Контрольная работа для студентов заочного отделения.

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ГАПОУ «Лениногорский нефтяной техникум»

Классная контрольная работа

для студентов IV курса

специальности 130503

заочного отделения.

Составлена: Никоновой А.А.

Преподавателем иностранного языка

Рассмотрена и одобрена на заседании цикловой комиссии гуманитарных дисциплин

Протокол №____

Председатель ЦК: Петрова С.В._________


Зам. Директора по УР

Власовой И.П._______

Вариант – 1

  1. Сопоставьте слова:

  1. Semiconductor a) изолятор

  2. Resistivity b) устройство

  3. Insulator c) полупроводник

  4. Receiver d) приемник

  5. Device e) сопротивляемость

  1. Поставьте нужные слова:

  1. The ancient Greeks Knew that when a piece of _____ is rubbed with _____ or fur it achieves the power of _____ light object. ( attracting, amber, wool)

  2. When he first visited a public library and saw a lot of _____ with books he decided that he would _____ all the books and then he would _____ everything in the world. ( read, know, shelves)

  3. In physics, the _____ surrounding an electric ___ or in the presence of a time – varying magnetic _____ has a property called an ___ field. ( charge, electric, field, space).

  1. Исправьте ошибки в словах, переведите.

  1. Canduction 6) eksternal

  2. Flaw 7) atraktive

  3. Propirti 8) forse

  4. Pawer 9) kurent

  5. Strim 10) amplifaer

  1. Ответьте на вопросы:

  1. What was Edison?

  2. How can we measure currents?

  3. How is a substance in which current can pass called?

  4. During the fourth type of emission the electrons are liberated from a substance by attracting power of a strong electric force, are not they?

  5. What are semiconductors?

  1. Поставьте слова в правильном порядке, что бы получились предложения.

  1. The study electronics, of, of, is, in, electricity, in, conduction, vacuum, gases, semiconductors, in.

  2. Of, a current, we, of, by, know, effects, the existence, its.

  3. And their, Resistance, have, units, different, of, resistivity, conductors.

  4. The steam, watt, condensing, for, engage, designed, chamber, a separate.

  5. Two, of, genius, percent, is, and, inspiration, per cent, ninety – eight, of, perspiration.

Вариант – 2

  1. Сопоставьте слова:

  1. Rectifier a) усилитель

  2. Attract b) твердое тело

  3. Solid c) выпрямитель

  4. Amplifier d) требовать

  5. Require e) притягивать

  1. Поставьте нужные слова:

  1. Semiconductors are _____ whose resistivity lies between those of electrical _____ and _____. (conduction, solids, insulators)

  2. The third type of emission is the_____ of electrons as a result of the _____ at the _____ with fast – moving electrons.

  3. This _____ force tending to _____ the mom tor at electrons through a _____ is called an _____ force.( produce, electromotive, driving, circuit)

  1. Исправьте ошибки в словах, переведите.

  1. Infention 6) meashurment

  2. Deskovery 7) riserch

  3. Pirsperation 8) ingine

  4. Vakum – tub 9) divice

  5. Contribution 10) inklud

  1. Ответьте на вопросы:

  1. What was James Watt?

  2. Is conduction the name normally given to a movement or flow of charges?

  3. Is electron emission the liberation or gathering of electronic from substances under particular conditions?

  4. Who discovered the principle of operation of crystal diodes?

  5. What was used as source of lightening in the past?

  1. Поставьте слова в правильном порядке, что бы получились предложения.

  1. Of, a circuit, a resistor, consists, and voltage, a conductor, source.

  2. The name, conduction, given, is, normally, flow, to, charges, a , of.

  3. Known, James Watt, for, was, his, improvements, the, of, engine, steam.

  4. The result, all, of work, of Edison inventions, were, hard.

  5. Orderly. A crystal, arrangement, is, of, a regular, atoms.

Вариант – 3

  1. Сопоставьте слова:

  1. Separate a) улучшение

  2. Scientist b) плотность

  3. Improvement c) разделять

  4. Density d) потери

  5. Losses e) ученый

  1. Поставьте нужные слова:

  1. During the nineteenth century many _____ about the _____ of electricity, and of magnetism, which is closely _____ to electricity, were made .( related, discoveries, nature)

  2. Watt _____ the properties of _____ , especially the _____ of its density to its temperature and pressure.(relation, steam, determined)

  3. There are a number of ways in which the electrons of a _____ can break through its _____, for example, the application of _____.( heat, surface, substance)

  1. Исправьте ошибки в словах. Переведите:

  1. Atraktive 6) cemikonduktor

  2. Enfluence 7) cilicon

  3. Nukliius 8) amplefaer

  4. Sircuit 9) risistivity

  5. Kurent 10) konditions

  1. Ответьте на вопросы:

  1. What does a vacuum tube diode consist of?

  2. Who built the first radio receiver using a crystal diode?

  3. Do semiconductor require little or much power?

  4. When electrons of a metal are freed by heating it is called thermionic emission is not it?

  5. Do the free electrons move in one direction when an electromotive force is applied to the ends of a wire?

  1. Поставьте слова в правильном порядке, чтобы получились предложения:

  1. Began, Edison, and, established, a professional, a, workshop, career, his, as, inventor.

  2. A, no, A trouble, may, in, in, result, it, to, circuit, current.

  3. Depends, the resistance, on, of, material, a, its, conductor.

  4. Radiate, tubes, semiconductors, less, than, power, less, require, heat, and.

  5. Restricts, a diode, that, the, is, charge, carriers, a, directional, of, component, flow.

Вариант - 4

  1. Сопоставьте слова:

  1. Conduction a) отталкивать

  2. Switch b) течь

  3. Repel с) определять

  4. Flow d) проводимость

  5. Define e) выключать

  1. Поставьте нужные слова:

  1. Thermionic _____ principles were ____ by T. Edison on February, 13, 1880 and he was _____ a patent in 1883.( awarded, rediscovered, diode)

  2. In the case of the fourth type of emission electrons are _____ from a substance by the _____ power of a electric force. ( strong, liberated, attracting)

  3. From the age of 19 J. Watt became interesting in _____ the steam _____ which was used at that time to _____ out water from mines. ( pump, improving, engine)

  1. Исправьте ошибки. Переведите:

  1. Sparc 6) risistanse

  2. Salution 7) derection

  3. Kooper 8) arangement

  4. Kuvrent 9) oltarnative

  5. Ware 10) serface

  1. Ответьте на вопросы:

  1. What Scientists in the sphere of electronics do you know?

  2. What is thermionic emission?

  3. Are semiconductors solids whose resistivity lies between those of electrical conduction and included?

  4. Early diodes included “cat s whisker” crystals and vacuum tube devices, didn’t t they?

  5. What does circuit consist of?

  1. Поставьте слова в правильном порядке, чтобы получились предложения:

  1. Considered, Edison, because, left, him, boy, school, a dull, the teacher.

  2. The, for, J. Watt, rotary, driving, types of machinery, patented, various, engine.

  3. Their, Resistance, and, have, units, resistivity, of, different, conductors.

  4. The chemical, Semiconductors, undergo, deterioration, don’t.

  5. One, A diode, to flow, current, an electric, allows, in, direction.

Вариант – 5

  1. Сопоставьте слова:

  1. Bulb a) оборудование

  2. Charge b) клапан

  3. Emit c) испускать

  4. Equipment d) лампа

  5. Valve e) заряд

  1. Поставьте нужные слова:

  1. To _____ the electric field at a point, you _____ a small “test charge” there, measure the _____ , and compute the electric field using the above equation. ( force, measure, hold)

  2. _____ that require current flow in only one _____ typically _____ one or more diodes in the circuit design. ( direction, include, circuits)

  3. There are a number of ways in which electrons of a _____ can break through the _____, for example the application of _____. ( heat, surface, substance)

  1. Исправьте ошибки. Переведите:

  1. Measerement 6) denseti

  2. Invend 7) impruvement

  3. Ingine 8) destanse

  4. Pawer 9) presur

  5. Divice 10) konvert

  1. Ответьте на вопросы:

  1. What was J. Watts contribution to study of electricity?

  2. What does the word “electron” mean in Greek language?

  3. Conduction is the name normally given to a movement of flow of charges, isn’t it?

  4. Was the principle of operation of thermionic diodes discovered by F. Guthrie in 1873 or in 1973?

  5. What is electromagnetic field?

  1. Поставьте слова в правильном порядке, чтобы получились предложения:

  1. Heater, than, If, is, faster, normal, the electrons, the metal, move, their, speed.

  2. Their, value, materials, the, in, with, resistance, change, of, change, temperature.

  3. A conductor, a circuit, voltage, of, and, consists, a resistor, source.

  4. Are, materials, today, made, common, from, the, most, semiconductor, diodes.

  5. Plate, the, Positive, on, attracts, voltage, the, electrons.

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