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Контрольная работа №3 для студентов заочной формы обучения (СПО)

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Контрольная работа №1.


1.Порядок слов в предложении:

а) a this student is.

в) here not is Mary.

с) on table books these are.

d) got I large have family a.

e) bag he takes his.

2. Вставьте по смыслу личные местоимения:

1) …am a student.

2) Is…your pencil?

3) Are ...from the USA?

4) …is a very clever man.

5) …is a schoolgirl.

3) Выберите правильные притяжательные местоимения:

1. Mark is (their/theirs) cousin.

2. This is (our/ours) house.

3. This dog is (My/mine)

4. (her/hers) flat is very big.

5. You can’t take this book/ It isn’t (your/yours).

4) Замените выделенные слова местоимениями в объектном падеже:

1. Tell Sara your name, please.

2. Give the boys your book, please.

3. Ask your father to help you.

4. Meet your parents at the station.

5. I don’t know the answer.

5) Переведите предложения на русский язык (Обратите внимание на указательные местоимения this-these; that- those):

1) Это моя сестра.

2) Та девочка – его сестра.

3) Этот карандаш красный.

4) Это красные карандаши.

5) Это мои братья, а те – мои сестра.

6.Составьте письменно вопросы из следующих слов:

1) She home when at is?

2) Your pen is where?

3) He does a lot sleep?

4) Like I summer do?

7. Вставьте неопределенный артикль «an» или «a»:

1) Ann is ...secretary.

2) There are two oranges and ...apple on the table.

3) He has ...orange.

4) There is ...magazine on the table.

5) Where iscar?

8. Образуйте множественное число следующих существительных:

1) a story; a class; a box; photo; a child; a goose; a book.

2) a woman; a sheep; a tomato, an ox, a mouse, a cat.

9. Прочитайте текст, переведите устно и выполните задания к тексту:

It is very important for everybody to have people, who love you and understand you. For me these people are my family.

The heat of our family is my mother. She is kind and loving, always ready to listen and help. She is almost 40, but she does not look for her age. Sometimes people even consider us sisters.

My mother is very busy women. She works as a lecturer in the University. That's why in the evening she often prepares for her classes or checks students' reports and projects. Nevertheless, she finds time to take care about us and we always try to help her about the house.

My father is a very clever and educated person. He is 45. He is a lawyer. I am very proud of my dad because I know that his proficiency is highly praised by his colleagues and clients. My dad is a very responsible person. Whatever he does, he does it properly, and he demands the same on our part. In spite of his strictness, my dad is a very sociable person and makes a good company.

Also, I have a brother. He is 5 years younger than me. He is a very sociable person. He is bored with school and studying but he is very keen on games. He is fond of volleyball and tennis. He hopes to become a professional player, so he spends a lot of time practicing and trying to improve his games.

My brother and I are very different, but we are good friends, we understand each other and share our problems. My brother's optimism always supports me in different situations.

Actually, we are a very friendly family. We understand each other with the first sight and come to help each other without any extra word.

Задание №1: Озаглавьте текст.

Задание №2: Ответьте на вопросы:

1. How large is this family?

2. What are his father and mother?

3. What is his brother fond of?

4. How old is his mother?

5. What kind of family is it?

Задание №3: Переведите следующие предложения с русского на английский:

1. - умный и образованный человек;

2. – доклады и проекты студентов;

3. – увлекаться играми;

4. – понимать друг друга с одного взгляда.

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