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Контрольная работа для учащихся 7 классов

  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:


A1.Установите соответствие между словами:
a) communication 1) родной язык
в) foreign 2) иностранный
с) languages 3) общение
d) mother tongue 4) языки

e) on foot 5) друг друга
f) each other 6)

g) competition 7) пешком

A2. Choose the correct variant.

1. We _____ the competition yesterday.

a) lose b) has lost c) lost

2. We ______ each other every day.

a) phone b) phones c) are phoning

3. I ____ a composition tomorrow.

a) writes b) am writing c) will write

4. She _____ her homework.

a) just did b) has just done c) will just do

5) How many new words have you ____ by heart at this lesson?

A) studied b) learned c) know

6. We__________ each other since 1996.

a) know b) have known c) knew

A3.Choose the correct verb form in Passive Voice.

  1. That’s a good book. It ______ by George Orwell.

  1. was written

  2. is written

  3. will be written

  1. Our rooms ______ every morning.

  1. is cleaning

  2. are cleaned

  3. clean

  1. The project ______ only tomorrow.

  1. is finished

  2. was finished

  3. will be finished

Put the verb into correct passive form.

  1. Films _____________(show) at the cinema every day.

  2. Fairy tales ______________(tell) the children by granny last night.

  3. The letters ______________(send) tomorrow.

B1.Read the text.

The most popular sport in Britain is football. Every large city has its own professional football team. Rugby is also very popular in Britain. The English play both rugby and football in winter. In summer they enjoy playing cricket. British children are encouraged to take up a sport or a hobby in their free time. Popular indoor activities include collecting things such as model cars, coins, stamps or stickers of football player or pop stars. Popular free-time activities for many British people are going to the cinema, theatre or a restaurant or watching TV or playing computer games. In USA the most popular sports are American football and baseball. Americans play football in the winter months. Families attend games together or watch national games on TV. The annual championship called the ‘’Superbow” is a national event. Baseball is a summer sport. It is also the national sport of America. American children collect things like the British. Baseball cars are popular collector’s items as comics. Other popular free-time activities are the same as for Britain such as being a member of a club, going to the cinema, visiting parks or museums, watching TV and surfing the net.

B2.Choose the correct variant.

  1. Most British people like football.

  1. Right

  2. Wrong

  3. Not stated.

2. Baseball is a winter sport.

a. Right

b. Wrong

c. Not stated.

C1. Write about your hobbies and free-time activities.

  1. Girls play American football.

  1. Right

  2. Wrong

  3. Not stated.

  1. Popular free-time activities are going to the library and reading books.

a. Right

b. Wrong

c. Not stated.

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