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Контрольная работа и анализ по английскому языку

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Test Yourself

6th form

Variant 1

  1. Choose the right verb for each sentence:

1.The students have …. studied the new rules.

A yet B. next month C. already

  1. Did you do the test well …… ?

A. yesterdayB. usuallyC. already

  1. Scientists have…… studied different animals.

A justB. never C. every week

  1. Have you fed your pet … ?

A last month B. yet C. never

  1. We discussed a very interesting project…… .

A tomorrowB. at the last lesson C. never

2. Use the verb in brackets in Past Simple or Present Perfect:

 Sam, (1)…… you ever ….. (to play) the guitar?

 Well, in fact, yes, I (2)…. . I (3)….. (to learn) to play it when I was at college.

 Really? But I (4)…. never (to hear) you playing!

You see, I last (5)……( to take) a guitar in my hands about ten years ago.

3. Put the pronoun, translate the sentences:

1. Olga should speak English… .

2. I can’t see … in the mirror.

3. We have to do the homework … .

4. Why doesn’t Mark wash the cup …?

5. Are they going to Moscow by …?

6. Peter, you are talking about … all the time.

7. The cat wash … every morning.

4.Put the right form:

  1. Nick is (lazy) boy that I know.

  2. The silver caris (good) than the red one.

  3. This is (delicious) cheese-cake I have ever had!

Test Yourself

6th  form

Variant 2

1. Choose the verbfor each sentence:

  1. My family arranged a party …...

A.yet B. last night C. already

2. Have they decorated the hall …… ?

A yesterday B. yet C. already

  1. We have …….saved a lot of animals.

  1. tomorrowB. never C. every day

  1. I heard about this organization ….

  1. last month B. yet C. never 

  1. It’s the nicest cake we’ve …… eaten.

  1. now B. just C. next winter

2. Use the verb in brackets in Past Simple or Present Perfect:

 Ann, (1) …. you …. (to do) your homework yet?

 No, I (2) …. . I only (3) …….. ( to write) my exercise in English last week.

It’s bad. What other subjects do you have to (4)…(do)?

 Maths and Biology. But I (5) ….. (to draw) my picture in Arts last Monday.

3. Putthepronoun, translatethesentences:

1. My friends, help … with the sandwiches.

2. My granny and me cooked this cake… .

3. Did they write the letters… ?

4. We cut the apples ….

5. Robin is too small to eat by ….

6. The dog was so dirty ….

7. They moved the table ….

4. Put the right form:

  1. This bookcase is (comfortable) than that one.

  2. This week the weather is (bad) in the month.

  3. I think my cat is (happy) of all the cats in the world.

Анализ контрольной работы

по английскому языку в ___ классе

МАОУ «Голышмановская СОШ № 1»



Всего в классе:_________

Работу выполняли:_________

Справились на:





% выполнения работы:__________

% качества составил:____________


Выполнили правильно

Допустили ошибку

Не приступали к выполнению

1 (Времена английского глагола)

2 (Употребление простого прошедшего и настоящего совершенного времени)

3 (Употребление возвратных местоимений)

4 (Степени сравнения прилагательных)



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