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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Контрольная работа к учебнику "Happy English.ru 10" Кауфман КИ, Кауфман МЮ, Unit 1
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  • Иностранные языки

Контрольная работа к учебнику "Happy English.ru 10" Кауфман КИ, Кауфман МЮ, Unit 1


Test (Unit 1)

Ex. 1 Fill in the blanks with the following words. Use only one word in each space. There is one extra word.






















takes off











  1. If you want to ______ your knowledge of ______languages you should go ______.

  2. He takes any ______ and catches a ______ to his hometown as often as ______.

  3. What time does the plane _______? – I am not sure. It can be _______.

  4. When you get on ______ the plane you should listen to the ______ and _____ your seat belts first.

  5. We are waiting for our ______. He promised to _____up two hours ago but he hasn’t come yet.

  6. My brother is a _____ in the ______. My parents have nothing but ______ with him. Last year he got _____ with a bad ______.

  7. You should get ________ for the security _______ in advance.

  8. You can use this pay _______ and call any country if you have enough______.

  9. Mr Promt never ______ his money to his friends. He doesn’t believe that they will _____ back.

  10. You should know your PIN code by _____ or somebody can ______ your money.

  11. When you ______ the language and a _____ of money you should press the _____ button.

  12. If you are _____ travelling by sea is out of _______.

Ex. 2 Fill in the blanks with the preposition if necessary.

  1. They arrived ___ the meeting point ___ time.

  2. Why can’t you save ___ enough money ___ a trip?

  3. They joined ___ the huge queue.

  4. I have no cash ___ me.

  5. Mary often spends all her money ___ clothes.

  6. You should get rid ___ old things.

  7. She likes to sit ___ the window not ___ the aisle.

  8. Don’t forget to check ___ two hours before the flight.

Ex. 3 Put the verbs in brackets in the right form to complete the sentences. Use Present Simple, Present Progressive, Future Simple or to be going to.

  1. Probably they (to charge) me fifteen pounds.

  2. A: We (to go) to the theatre tonight.

B: I (to go) with you.

A: It’s a good idea! You (to watch) a great play.

  1. Look at the clouds. It (to snow)!

  2. John is at the railway station. His train (to leave) at nine.

  3. This sportsman (to take) part in the competitions today and after that he (to fly) to Berlin.

Ex.4 Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Simple or Future Simple.

  1. Kevin (not to have) lunch after he (to return) home.

  2. Jim and Carry (to buy) a new house as soon as they (to earn) enough money.

  3. If it (to be) warm we (to walk) in the park.

  4. He (to want) to know if the teacher (to give) him a test next lesson.

  5. They (not to be) sure if John (to pass) all the exams.

Ex. 5 Choose the right answer.

  1. Passengers …empty their pockets before the security check.

  • can

  • must

  • may

  1. Frank … learn Italian. He isn’t going to Rome this year.

  • can’t

  • doesn’t have to

  • mustn’t

  1. You…remember your PIN code by heart.

  • must

  • have to

  • can

  1. Call his parents. Perhaps they …to find Nick.

  • can

  • will be able

  • may

  1. Our secretary is ill. Who…visit her after work?

  • must

  • can

  • may

Ex. 6 Mark these facts true or false.

  1. Pay phones accept cards and coins.

  2. The country codes of Russia and Germany are similar.

  3. All area codes start with “01”.

  4. You should enter the PIN code to withdraw cash.

  5. If you enter the wrong PIN code two times, a cash machine will swallow your card.

Ex. 7 Make up a dialogue.

  1. No, thanks.

  2. You’re welcome. Bye.

  3. Good morning. This is Gerhard Maier. I would like to speak to Mr. Brown.

  4. Alright, I will call again later then.

  5. Probably around 4 pm.

  6. Oh, sorry. Mr. Brown is not here, yet.

  7. Good morning.”3G Agency”. Robert Smith speaking.

  8. Can you tell me when he will be in?

  9. Bye.

  10. Can I take a message?

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