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Контрольная работа к учебнику О. В. Афанасьева, Д. Дули, И. В. Михеева, Б. Оби, В. Эванс Spotlight 10 (1 полугодие)

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Test for 10th form

  1. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct present tense.

Dear Jessie,

In your last email you asked about my friends. Well, I 1)_____(have) lots of friends, and I 2)____(know) some of them since I started school.

My best friend is Deirdre. We always 3)___(send) text massage to one another and we 4)_____(try) to meet up as much as we can.

I 5)_____(start) a new hobby recently, rock climbing. Deirdre is much better than me so she 6)____(help) me.

This weekend, my friends and I 7)_____(go) out clubbing. One of them 8)____(celebrate) her birthday on Saturday. We’re really excited as we 9)____(look) forward to it all week! I 10)______(take) my new digital cameras with me so I’ll send you some photos of the night.

Lots love,


  1. Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple, present continuous, present perfect simple or present perfect continuous.

1.A: What________________________(you/do) all summer since you got here?

B: I __________________________(swim) and ____________(cycle) mostly.

2.A: how long_______________(Patrick/work) there?

B: He ____________________(be) at that company for five years.

3.A:____________________(he/know) how to paraglide?

B: Yea, she____________________(sit) exams tomorrow.

  1. Fill in : forward to, out for, after, down on, up.

1.People from the countryside hate it when people from cities look _____them.

2.I’m really looking ______ watching my favorite comedy on TV this evening.

3.When paragliding, you have to look _______ strong wings.

4.Soory, but I can’t go to the cinema with you tonight as I have to look _____ my younger sister.

5.If you need her number I can look it______ for you in the telephone dictionary.

  1. Fill in: at(2), with, on, about.

1.His parents are not keen ____ him going on holiday on his own.

2.My best friend is not very good ________ horse riding.

3.Sean is very careless ______ his things. He keeps losing them.

4.My grandmother is vey creative and is enthusiastic ______ surfing the Net.

5.My brother loves eating, but he’s hopeless ______ cooking.

  1. Complete the sentences about yourself. Use (to) infinitive or the –ing form.

1.I hate____________

2.I’d love___________

3.I can’t stand___________

4.I don’t mind_______

5.I want______

6.I decided_________

7.I look forward to_________

8.I will_________

9.I’m keen on_________


  1. Fill in the correct form of the infinitive or the –ing form.

1.I didn’t mind______(be) alone I was a child.

2.Did Jack remind you____(feed) the cat?

3.Mum made us ________ (tidy) our rooms.

4.I’ m ont too keen on _______ (go) to shopping centers. I prefer small shops.

5.The film was so sad it made us all _____ (cry).

6.Harry forgot _____ (do) his homework again last night.

7.Sandy can’t help ________ (blush) when she sees Jude.

8.My sister must _______ (study) hard because she wants to be a doctor.

9.My grandparents used _______ (tell) me stories when I was very young.

10. Did you let Pat _____ (use) your laptop?

  1. Choose the correct particle.

1.I’d love to take after/up karate. Do they have lessons at the gym?

2.Will you take that silly hat off/out? You look ridiculous.

3.They say I take over/after my mum. We’ve got the same habits too.

4.Do you think you’ll take over/up your mum’s shop when she gets old?

5.I’ll have to take up/in these trousers. The legs are too wide.

6.If you pass your exam, I’ll take you off/out for a nice meal.

  1. Match the text (1-6) to a description (A-G). These is one description that you do not need to use.















  1. Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank and of having nothing to do. Once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations in it, “and what is the use of a book,” thought Alice, “without pictures or conversation?”

  2. Lizzy is a hard-working, dedicated student, who is always happy to participate in class activities. She has improved considerably this year. She is respected by all her classmates. She is a caring, well-meaning person, and helped a new student who was being teased by some other pupils.

  3. Are you the active type who loves extreme sports? Well, Exodus Holidays has a range of adventures and active holidays on offer, from places as diverse as Kilimanjaro and Antarctica. Activities include walking and trekking, cycling and mountain biking, rafting and cross-country skiing. Call us now!

  4. A lion, Samson, is the star of New York Zoo. His son Ryan feels that he will never be as popular as his father and after an argument he hides in a box which gets sent to an island. Realizing the danger Ryan is in, Samson and his friends set out to rescue him from the island and the wild animals who live there.

  5. I really like it of course and I’ve already started playing it. I’d actually never heard of it before because it’s so new. I’ll never forget who gave it to me.

  6. The winner was Des Griffin, who showed some remarkable determination on the day. His powerful creative moves make the best skateboarding fanatics jealous.

  1. Listen to the speakers. For questions 1-7, choose A, B or C.

1.You will hear a teenager talking about pastimes. Which is his favorite?

A. clubbing

B. football

C. hanging out with friends

2.Listen to a girl talking about her best friend. She’s annoyed when her friend is

A. mean

B. moody

C. jealous

3. Listen to a girl talking about films she likes. Which film does she find funny?

A. Meet the Parents

B. Harry Potter

C. Batman

4.Listen to a woman talking about her summer holidays plans. Where is she thinking of going?

A. Ireland

B. Greece

C. Italy

5.Listen to a boy talking to a friend on the phone. What is the boy doing?

A. Accepting an invitation

B. Congratulating his friend

C. Giving advice

6.Listen to a girl talking about fashion. Where does she buy her clothes?

A. In new shops

B. In expensive shops

C. In second-hand shops

7.Listen to a man talking about recycling. What kind of waste does he recycle most?

A. Glass

B. Paper

C. Clothes

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