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Учителям 1-11 классов и воспитателям дошкольных ОУ вместе с ребятами рекомендуем принять участие в международном конкурсе «Законы экологии», приуроченном к году экологии. Участники конкурса проверят свои знания правил поведения на природе, узнают интересные факты о животных и растениях, занесённых в Красную книгу России. Все ученики будут награждены красочными наградными материалами, а учителя получат бесплатные свидетельства о подготовке участников и призёров международного конкурса.


Конкурс "Законы экологии"

Контрольная работа к учебнику Спотлайт-11 (1 модуль)

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TEST 1.( module 1). 11 form.

Task 1. Listening.

Вы услышите высказывания шести молодых людей о своих хобби. Установи­те соответствие между высказываниями каждого говорящего 1-6 и утверж­дениями, данными в списке AG. Используйте каждое утверждение, обозначенное буквой, только один раз. В задании есть одно лишнее утверж­дение.

A I have many different hobbies and spend a lot of time on them.

В People close to me believe that I spend too much time on my hobby.

С I think that before trying something new you should get an expert to help you.

D My hobby helps me express myself and makes me feel alive.

E I've done some research to help me develop my talent.

F I get a lot from my hobby, but I'm able to help others through it, too.

G I often try new and exciting things without giving it much thought.

Task 2.

Match the words. Then, use the phrases to complete the sentences below.

1. cultural a. behavior

2. maternal b. moment

3.birth c. look

4. nuclear d. traditions

5. poor e. marriage

6. dull f . grandmother

7.arranged g. rates

8. inside h. family

1 Evan is part of a as he lives with just his parents.
  1. Events like weddings, birthdays and New Year's celebrations help keep alive.

  1. Sadly, Helen's passed away last year.

4 Across Europe, are falling. As a result, European populations are beginning to decrease.

Task 3.

Choose the correct word.

1. Amir lives with uncles, aunties and other members of his… family.

a extended b immediate

2. is important for the Chang family, who are respected members of the community.

a Honour b Support

3. Jeff is high up in the management

a authority b hierarchy

4. The town has a low crime rate since most of its citizens respect and… the law.

a comply b obey

Task 4.

Fill in: foster, stroll, engaged, widow, reputation, priority, divorced, in-laws.

1 The people of the island have a for being kind and polite.

  1. We are going to spend the summer holiday with my

  1. Young Jeremy was placed in a home.

4 The recently couple are planning a summer wedding.

Task 5.

Fill in: blood, trousers, sheep, apple.

1 Jill has always been the of her father's eye. He simply adores her.

  1. I love my best friend as if he were my own flesh and… .

Task 6.

Use the correct tense.

  1. This jacket belongs/is belonging to Catherine.

  2. I am knowing/have known Edward since he was a child.

  3. Steven reads/is reading a few pages of his book before bedtime every night.

  4. I'm not visiting/haven't visited my grandparents this week, so I'll visit them next week.

  5. The basketball game starts/has started at 7:00 pm.

  6. Nancy cleans/is cleaning her bedroom right now.

Task 7.

Choose the correct item А, В, С or D.

1 I'm going on holiday to Majorca. This time
next week, I in the sun.

A will be lying С will lie

В am lying D will have been lying

2 Mind the low ceiling! You your head!

A are hitting С are going to hit

В will hit D will be hitting

3 I'm sure Jim the job.

A is going to get С gets
В is getting D will get

Task 8.

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct past tense.

1 Where (be) you? I (try) to get in touch with you all day yesterday.

2 By the time Jenny (get) to the theatre, the play … (already/start).

3 Frank (drive) to work when, all of a sudden, a tree branch...(come) crashing down on the road.

4 Before his accident, Peter (ski) for 5 years.

Task 9.

Choose the correct answer.

1 "Do you remember Jane?"

"Yes. She to go to primary school with us."

A is used В used С was used

2 "Was is difficult for you to live on your own?"
"It was at first, but I soon to it."

A get used В be used С got used

3 "You look so tired today."

"Well, I to staying up late at night."

A am not used В am used С get used

Task 10.

Complete the sentences with the following prepositions:

about to of for

  1. Margaret feels very close her sister-in-law.

  2. Aren't you ashamed treating her that way?

  3. Frank has a great deal of respect his teachers.

4 William is very attached his friends at school.

5 Couples often argue money.

Task 11.

Complete the groups of sentences with words from the lists.

  • plucking ashamed unselfishness

  • spoil envious in return sternly

  • drowsy temptation bothered finer

  • devoted scarlet on credit

  1. Tina is on a strict diet and must resist all …. ; no crisps or chocolate.

  2. I'm impressed by Dominic's ; he always puts other people before himself.

3 I shouldn't have shouted at you. I'm of my actions.

  1. She fell over in front of everyone and turned…. with embarrassment.

  2. He wears designer clothes and drives an expensive car. He obviously prefers the things in life.

6 Cecilia is such a mother. She will do anything for her children.

  1. Robert's just woken up from surgery and is feeling a little….. .

Task 12.

Complete the sentences with the correct word derived from the words in bold.

  1. Motor vehicles emit many …into the air. POLLUTE

  2. In the Victorian era, it was not uncommon for a rich family to

have their own SERVE

  1. We were raised in a small …..outside the city. NEIGHBOUR

Task 13.

Fill in: bring up, preserve, speak, filter, waste, take part, remove, experience in the correct form.

1 It's a sad fact that many ethnic minority group… terrible racism in the 1960s.

2 The men came to the litter from the park.

3 Leah all her time watching TV when she could be out with her friends.

4 I was in Canada but I moved to the UK last year.

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