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Контрольная работа к учебнику В.П. Кузовлев 7 (2 четверть)

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1. Read the text


Whatever your age, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award offers you fun, adventure and the chance to help others. The Award is open to everyone between the ages of 14 and 25 to take part in it. You may have different abilities and skills. There are three awards or levels: Bronze (for those over 14), Silver (for those over 15), and Gold (for those over 16). We assess (оцениваем) individual achievements and progress.

Each award (level) has four sections:

  1. Service (helping people) – helping children, nature, First Aid, Public Services… more than 30hello_html_59b5e428.gif choices. hello_html_m7902dfe9.gif

  2. Expeditions (for adventurous people) – adventurous expeditions and explorations on foot, by bicycle, boat or canoe or on horseback.

  3. Skills (for mastering your abilities) – Arts, Crafts, Music, Fishing, Driving, Collections, Photography… more than 200 to choose from.

  4. Physical Recreation (for sporty people) – Athletics, Dancing, Football, Tennis, Water Sports, Yoga… choose from more than 200.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a part of the International Award Association that unites (объединяет) different countries. But the names of the Award are different. For example, the President Award (Ireland, Kenya, and others), the Prince Henrique Award (Portugal), the Crown Prince Award (Jordan), and the Congressional Award (the USA).

2. Mark the statements with T if they are true and with F if they are false.

1hello_html_m14673456.gif). The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is for people between fourteen and twenty-five years of age.

2). This award is for people who want to have fun.

3). Each level of the award has 6 sections.

4). The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is very popular in all countries.

5). In many countries there are similar awards, but they have different names.


3. Read the text


RSPCA stands for the Royal Society for the Prevention (предотвращение) of Cruelty (жестокость) to Animals. It began in 1822 with the Animal Protection Act, which made cruelty to cows, horses and sheep illegal (незаконный). It is the oldest animal welfare (благоденствие) organization in the world. In 1840, Queen Victoria gave her permission (разрешение) for the organization to be called the RSPCA.

The RSPCA has got 328 inspectors. They investigate (расследуют) cases of cruelty to animals, collect money, pay visits to schools and other places and rescue thousands of animals every year.

There are also RSPCA hospitals and clinics. They treat (лечат, излечивают) over 270,000 animals every year, including wild animals. The RSPCA helps to find homes for over 80,000 animals a year! The RSPCA encourages (поощряет) pet owners to take proper care of their animals. It also works to protect farm and wild animals that are used for research (исследования, опыты).

You can phone the RSPCA at any time, day or night, about an animal that is injured (быть раненым) or treated cruelly. The RSPCA is a charity and is always working to raise money to help animals in need. Animal lovers can help by becoming volunteers (доброволец), or simply by making sure all the animals around them are safe, happy and healthy.

  1. Answer the questions in one word or in one phrase

1). With what did the RSPCA begin?

2). Who gave the permission for the organization to be called the RSPCA?

3). How do the inspectors work with people?

4). How does the RSPCA work with pet owners?

5). At what time can you phone the RSPCA?


1. Every day the Stewards write messages to each other and stick them on the fridge.

What do the Stewards want each other to do?

1). Mum/take Paige to the dentist/Steve

2). Dad/get his shirts from the laundry/Tracy

3). Steve/return his books to the school library/Tracy

4). Tracy/take out the litter/Steve

5). Mum/go shopping/Tracy


1. Choose the correct word-form (Comparatives)

1). Clare dances … than Sue. (better, well, the best)

2). Mark is as … as George. (taller, tall, the tallest)

3). Peter is … student in the class. (good, the best, the goodest)

4). This is … winter for 20 years. (the baddest, the worst, worse)

5). The more cakes you eat, the … you get. (fat, the fattest, fatter)

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