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Контрольная работа "Как разнообразен мир!" (1 курс)

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Контрольная работа по теме «Как разнообразен мир!»

  1. Translate these words into Russian:

1.a coast 5. a desert 8.an island

2.a plain 6. a prairie 9.a canyon

3.a hill 7.a forest 10. an ocean

4.a mountain range 11. a wood

  1. Now write the definitions of these words:

  1. A large area of sand.

  2. Several mountains one after another.

  3. Land surrounded by water.

  4. A narrow part of land at a sea or an ocean.

  5. A very flat territory without mountains in Europe and Asia.

  6. A very flat territory without mountains covered with grass in America.

  7. A territory covered with trees.

  8. A small mountain.

  9. A small forest

  1. Now complete the sentences with the names from the text.

a) …is the smallest continent in the world.

b) Great Britain consists of …, … and … .

c) The coasts of UK are washed by …, …, … and … .

d) The main rivers are … , … and … .

e) There are many lakes in … .

f) … are the oldest mountains in the world.

g) Scotland’s biggest city is …

f) … is the highest mountain in Wales.

Use the words below:

the English Channel, Australia, England, the Severn, Scotland, the Atlantic Ocean, Wales, the Irish Sea, Glasgow, Canada, the Urals, Snowdon, the Avon, the Thames, the North Sea.

  1. Divide these words into 2 groups: the USA and Australia.

The Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, Canada, Melbourne, the Indian Ocean, Washington, Mexico, Murray, the Appalachian Mountains, Sidney, the Rockies, Canberra, the Cordilleras, the Darling, the Great Victoria, the Great Lakes, the Great Sandy, Chicago, the Simpson Desert, New York, the Mississippi, the Missouri, Montana.

  1. Put in appropriate article:

  1. ___ Europe is bordered towards the north by ____ Arctic Ocean, towards ___ south by ___ Mediterranean Sea and ___ Black Sea, towards ___ west by ___ Atlantic Ocean and ___ east by ___ Asia. 2. The largest fresh water lake in ___ Europe is ___ Lake Ladoga in ___ north-western Russia. 3. We've booked a holiday for three weeks in ___ Canary Islands.4. Located to _____ east of ___ Mariana Islands in ___ western Pacific Ocean, ___ Mariana Trench is the deepest known area. 5. Once I went for my holidays to ___ Lake Baikal. It was great! 6. In ___North of ___ Britain there are higher lands and mountains.7. ___ Pennines is a chain of mountains which is known as the backbone of ___England. 8. The longest river in ___United States is ___Mississippi.9. ___ Urals divide ___Asia and ___Europe.10. ___ Appalachian mountains in ___United States are very old. 11. Which is longer: ___ Volga or ___Danube? 12. Is ___ Everest the highest mountain in world? 13. Is ___ Amsterdam in ___ United States or in ___ Netherlands? 14. ___ Loch Ness is a lake in ___ Scotland. 15. I went to ___ France last year, but I haven’t been to ___ Netherlands yet 16. ___ USA is the fourth largest country in the world after ___ Russia, ___ Canada and _China. 17. ___ English Channel is between ___ Great Britain and ___ France.18. ___ Thames flows through ___ London. 19. ___ United Kingdom includes ___ Great Britain and ___ Northern Ireland.

  1. Write Indirect Questions:

1. What will the weather be like next month? - I wonder _______________.

2. What's the population of Moscow? - I'd like to know ________________.

3. Is it possible? - I should find out ________________.

4. How many English words do you know? - I have no idea _______________.

5. What day did the World War I start? - I can't remember ________________.

6. Does he agree with it? - Ask him ________________.

7. What will she have for lunch? - I don't know ________________.

8. How much money have we? - I can't tell you ________________.

9. Who is she? - I don't want to know ________________ .

10. What would he do? - Why should I tell you ________________.

11. Will we have to pay more? - I will let you know ________________.

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