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Контрольная работа 6 класс

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1. Write the verbs in the past forms

to understand -

to stand -

to take -

to get -

to become -

to travel -

to begin -

to go -

to buy-

to rebuild -

to enjoy -

to visit -

to water -

to place -

to defend -

to miss -

to appear -

to found -

2. Use the right forms of the verbs in brackets to complete the sentences.

  1. When Mary went to Italy, she (not understand) _____________the Italian language.

  2. During the Second World War Russian people (defend) _________________their country.

  3. When I saw the car, it (stand)_____________________ out from the others as it was yellow.

  4. When Peter entered the hall, he (hear)___________________ some music.

  5. The Smirnovs (not move)_____________________ to Norilsk last year.

  6. They (build)_____________________ a new road in Tomsk last spring.

  7. When the director (appear)_________________in the room, everybody stopped talking.

  8. Many tourists (come) ___________ to see our city last summer.

  9. Last year Mr Brown (change) ____________________ his job several times.

  10. Yuri Dolgoruky (found)__________________the city of Moscow in 1147.

3. Write it in a different way.

Example: There was not anybody in school because it was Sunday. - There was nobody in school because it was Sunday.

  1. Look! There is nobody in the classroom.

  2. Mark didn’ t tell us anything interesting about the palace.

  3. Bob had nothing to do last night.

  4. They didn’ t see anybody in the cathedral.

  5. The Smiths knew nothing about the parade.

  6. Mike recognized nobody at the party.

4. Paraphrase the sentences and write them down

Example: My friends couldn’ t buy anything in the shop.- My friends could buy nothing in the shop.

  1. The boy spoke very fast and we didn’ t understand anything.

  2. You must do it on your own. Don’ t ask anybody to help you.

  3. There is not any juice in the bottle.

  4. We haven’ t got any enemies.

  5. I don’ t think anybody can do it.

  6. Mark doesn’ t know anybody in this city.

5. Choose the right forms of the verbs in brackets to complete the sentences.

1. Everybody (like/likes) likes ice cream. 2. Some people (don’ t like/doesn’ t like)_____________honey. 3. Nobody in my family (speak/speaks) _____________ Italian. 4. Everybody in the office (is/are) _____________ fairly young. 5. Some people (want/wants)_____________to do extreme sports. 6. Some students in this class (is/are) _________ fairly bright. 7. Nobody (want/wants) _________ to get bad marks at school. 8. I don’ t think everybody (know/knows) _____________ what is good and what is bad.

6. Choose the right words in brackets to complete the sentences.

1. There is (few/little) little time for the test. 2. There is (few/little)________ soup in the plate. 3. We usually have (few/little) ________. rain in summer. 4. There are (few/little) ________ old buildings in the city. 5. There are (few/little) ________ interesting films on TV today. 6. I’ve got (few/little)________wooden spoons. 7. There are (few/little) ________ white-walled buildings in our street. 8. (Few/Little)________ good architects work in the office. 9. There is (few/little)________ tea in the cup. 10. There is (few/little)_______ ice on the roads.

7. Choose the right words in brackets to complete the sentences.

1. I haven’ t got (a lot of/many) many friends. 2. Is there (a lot of/much)________ fruit in the fridge? 3. Have you still got (a lot of/much) ________ milk in your cup? 4. There are (few/little) ______ old trees in the park. 5. Are there (a lot of/many)________picture galleries in Moscow? 6. There are (many/much)________ columns in the palace. 7. There is (few/little) ________ snow this winter. 8. Did Russia have (a lot of/many) ________tsars? 9. 1 didn’ t see (a lot of/many)________ monuments in Klin. 10. There are (a lot of / little)________ unusual places in this town.

8. Fill in some or any to complete the sentences

1. There aren’t any cathedrals in their town. 2. Is there ______coffee in the jar? 3__________knowledge is helpful. 4. There are ________ tasty chocolates in the box. 5. Would you like________ milk? 6. There isn’ t __________butter on the plate. 7. There aren’ t _________ statues in the park. 8. Can I have ________ sugar, please? 9. _________child can understand this rule. 10_______________ people are famous for doing unusual things. 11. Do you have_______________ other questions? 12. This building has _______________ columns.

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