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Контрольная работа 6 класс

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Контрольная работа за 6 класс (1 четверть)

Variant 1

1.      Use House or Home

1.      Is your _________far from here?

2.      Irkutsk is my________town.

3.      Is your _______light or dark?

4.      After school I usually go _______________

5.      When I was in England I really missed my ___________


2. Complete the sentences with as______as or not as ______as.

1. The city ___quite as the countryside.

2. Germany is ____________as the Russian Federation.

3. I am 10. My elder brother is 16. I am __________tall as he.

4. A 3-storied house is________high as 5-storied house.

5. Lake Baikal is ____________big as the Atlantic Ocean.


3. Choose present simple or present continuous:

1. Jim usually _____________(wake up) late on Sundays.

a) is waking up B) wake up C) wakes up

2. I ______(play) tennis at the moment.

a) play B) am playing C) is playing

3. Sheila_________(listen) to music in her free time.

a) is listening B) Listens C) listen

4. The sun usually ______(shine) in the summer.

a) shine b) shines c) are shining

5. We _________(make) a snowman at the moment.

a) make B) are making C) is making

6. They _________(decorate) the Christmas tree now.

A) decorate B) are decorating C) decorates.


4. Complete the sentences. Use which or who.

1. I know a man _____can speak six languages.

2. What’s the name of the man ______lives next door?

3. Where is the picture ____was on the wall?

4. What’s the name of the river_____goes through the town?

5. She always asks me questions______are difficult to anwer.



5.Guess about the holiday

I always celebrate it with my family. Before the holiday we often visit our friends and relatives and give them presents. We often go to the city centre to see the beautiful tree on the main square. A week before the holiday we begin to decorate our house with lights and garlands. We also put up a tree and decorate it with balls, cones, icicles and other toys, tinsel and lights. Under the tree we usually put statuettes of Father Frost and Snow Maiden.




Контрольная работа за 6 класс (1 четверть)

Variant 2

1.      Use House or Home

1.      There are 4 rooms in my____________

2.      I s your _________big or small?

3.      When I come to my granny I always feel at ________.

4.      During my holidays I like to sit at __________

5.      Where is your ________? It’s in Lenin Street.

2.      Complete the sentences with as______as or not as ______as.

1.      The mouse is _______big as the elephant.

2.      The Sun in the winter is _________hot as in the summer.

3.      Niagara Falls is _______famous as Lake Baikal.

4.      My granny is _______young as me.

5.      A Lemon is _____sweet as an apple.


3. Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or present continuous:

1. She __________(go) on a picnic every Sunday.

A) goes B) is going C) go

2. Joy ___________( watch) TV every afternoon.

A) is watching B) watches C) watch

3. They __________(sleep) at the moment.

A) are sleeping B) sleep C) sleeps

4. George ________(drive) to work every morning.

A) is driving B) drives C) drive

5. He ___________(walk) in the park now.

A) walk B) is walking C) walks

6. It ________(snow) heavily today.

A) is snowing B) snows C) snow


4.      Complete the sentences. Use which or who.

1.      I have a friend ______is very good at repairing cars.

2.      A coffee-maker is a machine ______makes coffee.

3.      Why does he always wear clothes _____are too big for him?

4.      The man _______won the first prize last week will be very rich.

5.      The books ______are lying on the table are very interesting.


5.Guess about the holiday

People prepare for the celebration during the last week, which we name Holy Week. Of course, the customs related with this day are different in every country. Women bake Paskhas on Friday, this day was called Good (or Holy) Friday. It’s really an important day for many Christians, because Jesus Christ was crucified on this day. Red color is traditional color of eggs, but this tradition changed a little bit. In the Saturday evening, Christian people go to church. People go home for breakfast after the ceremony. The first food that they eat is the blessed food.

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