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Контрольная работа 8 класс

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8 класс


Sydney is the Australia’s oldest city. Captain Cook stopped near here at Botany Bay in 1770. The first Europeans who came to Australia put up their tents at Sydney Cove. Soon the first houses were built and in only 200 years the city grew from nothing into a home for of millions of people.

Despite the history, Sydney is the most modern place in Australia. Its buildings are the highest, its fashions are the newest and its colours are the brightest. A lot of Australia’s exiting cultural life is found in Sydney. Artists, writers, opera singers and film makers all live here. So some people call the city “the Paris of the Pacific”. But that doesn’t seem quite right. Paris has not got all that sea, sand, sun and surf. Sydneysiders, as well as many visitors to Australia, come to Bondi Beach to relax and take a rest. Some of them really relax. Others are too busy – they’re jogging, swimming or riding the great waves on their surfboards.

  1. True or false (T или F)

  1. Sydney is the most modern place in England

  2. Australia’s exiting cultural life is found in Sydney

  3. Tourists enjoy a wonderful weather in Australia in summer Sydney is not the Captain Cook arrived here in 1670

  1. Sydney is a home for about four millions people.

  2. Australia’s oldest city

  3. So some people call the city “the Paris of the Pacific”

II) Answer the questions.

  1. Who discovered Australia?

  2. Where did the first settlers put up their tents?

  3. Is Sydney old or modern city?

  4. How many people leave in Australia?

  1. How can people have a rest in Sydney?

  2. Where can people have a rest?

III)Choose the letter of the correct answer.

  1. _______ you work in a bank?

а) Why b) Do c) Are d) Really

2. _______ you work in a bank 3 months ago?

A) Do b) Did c) Have d) Will

3. It rains a lot at present, but it _____ at all a week ago.

  1. doesn’t rain b) rained

c) didn’t rain d) doesn’t rain

4. It __________ hard now. Let’s stay at home.

a) snow c) is snowing
b) snows d) snowing

5. A strong wind ____ when she left the house.

a) blew c) were blowing
b) blows d) was blowing

6. ____________ your translation yet?

a) You have finished
b) Have you finished
c) Did you finished
d) You finished

7. Food __________ tomorrow.

a) is bought c) will bought
b) is buying d) will be bought

8. The air in the country is __than the air in the city.

a) more cleaner c) the cleaner
b) the cleanest d) cleaner

9. I like Moscow. _______ a nice city.

a) She’s c) It’s b) Its d) It

10. What ______ attractive faces!

a) a c) an b) the d) –

IV)Correct the sentences.

  1. He receives mail last week.

  2. They will play basketball tomorrow at this time.

  3. Usually his sister is waking up at 7 a.m.

  4. We already get good marks on test on English.

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