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Контрольная работа 9 класс Happy English.ru Unit 5

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Test № 5

Unit 5, 9-th Grade

1 Listen to the dialogue and answer the questions.

1. Where does Andrew live?

2. What does he do?

3. Where is he now?

4. What countries has he visited?

5. Is he likely to come back for Alex`s birthday? Why ? / Why not?

6. Does Alex want him to come?

7. What does Kate advise Alex to do?

2 Choose the correct word and complete the


1. Who ... in this film ? — Oh , give me a minute . I always forget her name .

a ) starred

b ) star

e ) actress

d ) directed

2. “The Day Watch ” was a real .., . It cost millions to make and people queued for hours to get the tickets for it.

a ) star

b ) blockbuster .

c ) drama

3. We can’t go to the movie tonight. Oh, no! Why ? — The tickets .... -

a ) are not there

b ) are sold out

c ) are in the sale

d ) sold

3 Fill in the gaps and complete the sentences with the following words:

Beverly Hills, film studios, the capital, actors, Malibu Beach, Rodeo Drive, sidewalk, Hollywood Boulevard, the USA, Hollywood, the Oscars ceremony, the Kodak Theater

Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in (1) ... . I t’s famous for (2)......, (3)…. of the world’s movie production. A lot of (4)... work and live near LA . They work for (5)...: MGM ; Paramount and many others. They live in (6) ... or (7) ..., where they feel safe. You are likely to spot them at (8) ... where the most expensive shops in the world are situated. They also are sure to come to (9)… , which takes place in (10)... every year in February. If you walk down (11) ..., you’ll see a lot of stars in the (12)... It is the world-famous (13) .

4 Substitute the underlined words and expressions with the following words and expressions. Make changes if necessary.

to take place, an event, to be famous, suburbs, celebrities, in vain

I. She'd like to be popular.

2. My best friend worked hard, but all his work didn't bring him anything.

3. My mother likes to read about famous people.

4. This part of Moscow used to be a village just ten years ago.

5. The ceremony will be in the Bolshoi Theatre on May 25.

6. Tell me what happened in the last series.

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