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Контрольная работа, 6 класс, 3 четверть (Деревянко Н.Н.)

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1. Complete the text. Use: happy because visited farm beautiful lived

I love summer.

Five years ago my grandparents ....... in the village of Smalville in Florida. We visited them every summer. Every day we helped with their ....... . They didn't have a car, but they had a brown horse and a cart. They also had two cows and a very big bull. I wasn't afraid of him because he was good. He was three years old and was born on the farm. My grandparents had some hens and sheep too and a ....... dog, Ted, but they didn't have any cats. Near their house there was a river. My grandad swam but I didn't ....... I was too small. We liked the farm. We were very ....... there. Last year my grandparents sold their house and some of their animals and moved to a village near Los Angeles. I am glad they didn't sell their horse or their dog. Last month we ....... them. Their new house and village are beautiful. I want to visit them again soon.

2. Ask questions to the sentences.

Example: He stayed with his friends. – Did he stay with his friends?

  1. We waited at the airport in the morning.

  2. He enjoyed the film greatly.

  3. They were at the party last Saturday.

  4. Mike bought a car in June.

  5. You forgot to call your friend.

3. Put in the right reflexive pronoun.

  1. They did everything __________.

  2. Did you translate the text __________.

  3. I saw everything __________.

  4. The knife was sharp, and she cut __________.

  5. They introduced __________.

4. Choose the right form of the adjective.

1. Nick is (happier, the happiest) boy that I know.

2. Of the six cars, I like the silver one (better, best).

3. Jane’s notebook is (cheaper, the cheapest) than mine.

4. This is (more delicious, the most delicious) cheese-cake I have ever had!

5. This bookcase is (more beautiful, the most beautiful) than that one.

6. Do you feel (better, the best) today than yesterday?

5. Put the verbs in the Past Simple.

1. She (to speak) English well.
2. Her friends usually (to call) her at about 8 o’clock.
3. Ann (to take) a shower before going to bed.
4. She (to go) to bed at 11 p. m.

5. My working day (to begin) at six o'clock. 
6. I (to have) breakfast at seven o’clock.

6. Use the verb to be in the Past Simple.

1. ... your friend a photographer? No, she ... not a photographer, she ... a student. 
2. ... your brothers at school? - Yes, they ... . 
3. ... this her watch? - Yes, it ... . 
4. Max ... an office-worker. 
5. We ... late, sorry!


1. Complete the text. Use: animal said because please was fruit

The best animal in the forest.

Many years ago an elephant and a monkey had a quarrel. The elephant was proud ......... he was the strongest animal. The monkey was proud because he was the quickest animal. They went to Old Bird to ask for his help.

'We cannot agree,' they told Old Bird. Tell us, ........ . Which of us is the best animal in the forest?' Old Bird said, 'There are some big trees across that river. Go and get the ........ from the furthest tree. Bring it to me.'  

The monkey could not swim. The elephant said to him, 'Get on my back' The tree ....... very high. Only the monkey could climb it. He threw the fruit to the elephant. Then they crossed the river again. They gave the fruit to Old Bird and ........ , 'Now tell us, please. Which of us is the best animal?'

'Can anybody answer the question: which is the best ........ in the forest?' asked Old Bird. The elephant could not get the fruit alone. The monkey could not get the fruit alone. But the two could get it together.

2. Ask questions to the sentences.

Example: He stayed with his friends. – Did he stay with his friends?

1. My working day began at six o'clock. 
2. He got up late last Sunday. 
3. It took me about twenty minutes to get to work.
4. I had breakfast at seven o’clock. 
5. She left home at half past seven.

3. Put in the right reflexive pronoun.

  1. I am angry with __________.

  2. He fell down and hurt __________.

  3. Tell me more about __________.

4. She believes in __________.

5. We are sure of __________.

4. Choose the right form of the adjective.

  1. I think my cat is (prettier, the prettiest) of all the cats in the world.

  2. Steve Jobs is (more famous, famouser) than Stephen Wozniak.

  3. This week the weather is (hotter, more hot) than last week.

  4. Our new house is (more expensive, expensiver) than the old one.

  5. Girls are usually (cleaner, more clean) than boys.

  6. Chemistry was (harder, the hardest) subject at school.

5. Put the verbs in the Past Simple.

1. Alice (to have) a sister.
2. Her sister’s name (to be) Ann.
3. It (to take) her an hour and a half to do her homework. 
4. She (to get) up at seven o'clock. 
5. She (to go) to the institute in the morning. 
6. She (to do) her morning exercises every day last year.

6. Use the verb to be in the Past Simple.

1. I ... a student. 
2. My father ... not a shop-assistant, he ... a scientist. 
3. ... your aunt a nurse? - Yes, she ... . 
4. ... they at home? - No, they ... not. They ... at school.
5. ... you an engineer? - Yes, I.... 

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