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Контрольная работа 6 класс Модуль 8

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  1. Fill in the right word

library restaurant barefoot tent palace hotel gallery

  1. When we go camping, I always help my dad to put the ____ up.

  2. I’m taking this book back to the _____.

3. On holidays we stay in a five-star ______.

4. There is a new painting at the art ______.

5. I’m hungry. Can we go to a fast food ______?

6. The queen lives in a _____.

7. She likes to walk _____ in the park, without shoes.

2. Match the words to form phrases:

1. electrical

a) flats

2. entrance

b) pool

3. rubbish

c) centre

4. overnight

d) store

5. swimming

e) appliances


f) tickets


g) bin

8.block of

h) guests

3.Write the correct form of the adjective in brackets.

1. February is __________month in the year. (short)

2. A car is __________ than a bike (expensive)

3. She is one of ______________ tennis players in the world. (good)

4. My father is ________ than my brother. (strong)

5. A sofa is ___________ than a chair. (comfortable)

6. Sharks are __________ animals in the sea. (dangerous)

7. Fiona is always smiling. She is ______ person I know. (friendly)

8. Mary is ______ girl in our group. (slim)

9. Today the weather is _____ than yesterday. (bad)

10. My bag is _____ than yours. (heavy)

4. Choose the correct word.

1. I must / mustn’t visit my friend. It is her birthday.

2. I can / must pay your rent. That’s the rule.

3. You mustn’t / can’t eat in the classroom. It’s forbidden.

4. Sally is ill. She may /mustn’t stay in bed.

5. Can / may I stay out late tonight?

5. Write the opposites:

1. neat – 3. new - 5 clean -

2. safe - 4. quite -

December, famous, admire, is situated, tallest, means, view, built.

Like the Ostankino Tower, CN Tower is a member of the Worth Federation of Great Towers. It is one of the (1) ...... towers in the world. It is 553 metres high. CN Tower (2) ..... in Toronto, Canada. CN (3) …… Canadian National. It's the name of the railway company which (4) ..... the tower in 1976. A lot of tourists visit the Tower. They enjoy a bird's eye (5) ...... of Toronto. The Tower is also (6) …… for the " Glass Floor". Brave tourists can (7) ..... the city from under their feet. CN Tower is open every day except (8) ......, 25th. The Tower is worth visiting!

6. Put the verb in brackets in the correct tense:

1. It’s eight o’clock now. Terry ____(have breakfast).

2. Excuse me, ______ (you/speak) English?

3. We __________ (go) to the Zоо with our teacher last Saturday.

4. I _____________(not / be) at school yesterday.

5. Mr. Moore _________(travel) to London every day.

6. ____ you (enjoy) the party last night?

7. He _____ (see) Carol on the bus every day.

8. Bill ____ (come) home late yesterday.

9. Nick _____ (not / like) Spanish films.

10. ____ you (tidy) your room at the moment?

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