Инфоурок Английский язык ТестыКонтрольная Работа ,Module 1,Spotlight 6

Контрольная Работа ,Module 1,Spotlight 6

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Контрольно-измерительные материалы по английскому языку для 6 класса по УМК

                              «Английский в фокусе» (Spotlight 6) за I четверть

1)Контроль навыков аудирования

№ урока____ 

Дата по календарю_______ Дата по факту_______


Вы услышите четыре диалога. Установите соответствие мест A-D, где происходили данные диалоги, с номерами диалогов. Занесите свои ответы в таблицу. Вы услышите текст дважды.

A  Hospital                      B  Library                       C  Bank                          D  Shop










Dialogue 1

A         Do you need some help or are you happy just browsing?

B         I`m OK. Thanks.

A         Just let me know if you want to try anything on. We`ve got more sizes out the back in 

            case you can`t find your size on the racks.

B         Thanks, I`m fine.

A         Right you are!


Dialogue 2


A         Good morning. Can I help you?

B         Good morning. Do you have a copy of George Orwell`s “Animal Farm”? It`s a set text

            for an exam I`m preparing for.

A         We do normally keep that one. Let me just look it up on the computer. Yes, according to

            this we have three copies. Look at those shelves near the window.


Dialogue 3


A         Oh, good evening. I made an appointment to see Mr. Adams this morning. Can I see him?

B         Yes, but first I need you to fill out this form so we can get your details. Have you been to

            our Medical Centre before?

A         Oh, no. I don`t think so.


Dialogue 4


A         Next, please!

B         Good morning, I`d like to pay off my overdraft please. I think I owe about $50.

A         Right. Do you have your account here at this branch?

B         Yes, I do.


2)Контроль навыков чтения

№ урока____ 

Дата по календарю_______ Дата по факту_______


Прочитайте текст и закончите фразы 1-10, используя информацию из текста. Обведите букву A, B или C, соответствующую варианту ответа, который вы считаете наиболее правильным.

     Frankie is green and very tall. He has yellow eyes, black hair and a small nose. He also has enormous hands and feet. He isn't pretty. In fact, he's very ugly and people call him a monster. They are afraid of him and always run away when they see him. But Frankie isn't bad! He is an intelligent man and he loves reading. He has a lot of books in his little house.

      He likes writing stories. He sells his stories to make money. He also likes using his computer and the Internet to write to people. They don't know that he is ugly and they enjoy his letters. They sometimes ask him for his photograph, but Frankie never sends it.

      Frankie enjoys gardening. There are a lot of vegetables, fruit trees and roses in his big garden. He loves roses! He puts bread out in the garden for the birds so there are a lot of birds too. They are not afraid of him!

      Frankie never eats meat. He doesn't like it. He eats vegetables, fruit and bread. Because he doesn't like it when people run away from him, he orders all his shopping by the Internet. The shop delivers his shopping to his house. In this way, people don't see him and he feels happier. And when it is raining he doesn't have to go out of the house. He doesn't like the rain and he is afraid of thunder and lightning.

1.  Frankie has … .

A. black hair and big hands and feet

B. green eyes and a small nose

C. small hands and feet

2.  People like writing to Frankie because … .

A. they don't know that he is ugly

B. they meet him in the supermarket

C. they like to eat meat too

3.  Frankie is … .

A. a good person

B. an evil person

C. a beautiful person

4.  He lives in … .

A. a big house without a garden

B. a small house with a big garden

C. a small garden

5.  He … a lot of books.

A. reads

B. speaks

C. does

6.  Frankie sends his photo to … .

A. his Internet friends

B. nobody

C. the shop

7.  Birds … .

A. don't come into the garden

B. come into the garden

C. are afraid of Frankie

8.  Frankie likes … .

A. gardening

B. eating meat

C. shopping in malls

9.  Frankie goes to … .

A. the supermarket

B. the theatre

C. the garden to put the bread for the birds

10.  Frankie is happy when … .

A. people don't see him

B. he doesn't see birds

C. he is in the supermarket

3)Контроль навыков письма

№ урока____ 

Дата по календарю_______ Дата по факту_______


Вы получили письмо от своей подруги по переписке Элис (Alice), которая пишет:

… I love animals very much. My parents and I often go to the zoo. I like to watch different animals and to feed them. My mother doesn`t let (не позволяет) me have many pets at home. I`ve got only two parrots. Their names are Ricky and Rita. I feed them with wheat (пшеница), millet (просо) and different vegetables and fruit. And what about you? Do you have any pets at home? What are their names? What do they eat?

Напишите письмо Элис и ответьте на её вопросы.

В письме должно быть не менее 60 слов.

 4)Контроль навыков говорения

№ урока____ 

Дата по календарю_______ Дата по факту_______


Everyday English

Complete the text with the missing phrases/sentences. There is one extra.

1. How much is it? 2. I want to buy a present; 3. Can I have two, please? 4. How can I help you? 5. Here you are; 6. How about


e.g. A. – Good morning. How can I help you?

B. – Good morning. ______________________ for my little sister.

A. – ________________ this doll?

B. – That’s a good idea. It looks beautiful. __________________

A. – It’s three thousand rubles.

B. – Can I have a smaller doll?

A. – __________________ It costs 500 rubles.

B. – Good. I’ll take it. Thank you.






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