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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Контрольная работа на конец 5-го класса ( углубленный уровень)
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  • Иностранные языки

Контрольная работа на конец 5-го класса ( углубленный уровень)


EXAMINATION TEST-5 _________________________________________________

  1. Choose the right variant.

  1. We _____ any tickets last night. a) didn’t buy b) weren’t buying c) haven’t bought

  2. Tom is happy. He _____ the prize. a) won b) was winning c) has won

  3. When mother came, her children ____. a) slept b) were sleeping c) have slept

  4. Meat ______ at the butcher’s. a) sold b) is sold c) has sold

  5. Radio ______ by Popov. a) invented b) is invented c) was invented

  6. What ______ deep lake! a) a b) the c) –

  7. What ______ fresh air! a) a b) the c)-

  8. Who went there last night? – We _____. a) went b) did c) are

  9. Which of you has got a car? – Boris and Peter ____. a) have b) has c) do

  10. Everybody ____ come to school on time. It’s our duty. a) should b) must c) can

  11. Which sandals do you like best? – The ____ on the second shelf. a) one b) – c) ones

  12. What is the ____ of the room? a) long b) length c) longest

  13. He hurt his both ____ when he fell down. a) foot b) feet c) arm

  14. I see many hills and a small farm ____ them. a) among b) in c) between

  15. Nick is a ____ boy. a) high b) long c) tall

  16. When did the ____ of space begin? a) explore b) exploration c) explorer

  17. It isn’t ____ to be in two places at the same time. a) impossible b) possible c) possibility

  18. You make so many mistakes. You must write more ____ a) carefully b) carelessly c) careful

  19. His ____ was very serious. a) punishment b) punishing c) punish

  20. He is from Canberra. He speaks ____ . a) Australian b) English c) American

  1. Choose the right answer.

  1. I can’t stand it.

  2. So long.

  3. Sure. Here you are.

  4. Go straight on and turn left.

  5. I’d love to.

  6. It’s freezing.

  7. Don’t worry about it.

  8. So do you.

  9. Anytime.

  10. I haven’t decided yet.

  1. Goodbye, see you tomorrow.


  1. - How about going to the circus?


  1. - Thanks for your help.


  1. - What would you like to have?


  1. - Do you really like it?


  1. - How’s the weather?


  1. You look great!


  1. It’s my fault. It’s all my fault.


  1. How can I get to the nearest supermarket?


  1. Can you show me this towel, please?


  1. Complete the sentences if necessary. Use at, of, in, to, for, from, into

  1. Look! The trees are ____ blossom.

  2. We wear coats to protect us ____ cold.

  3. A year consists ____ twelve months.

  4. We were all surprised ____ the latest news.

  5. What club do you belong ___?

  6. She took a medicine ____ headache and went to bed.

  7. They never suffer ____ anything.

  8. Do as I say or you‘ll get ____ trouble.

  9. The match ended ____ a draw.

  10. Go there and I’ll follow ____ you.

  1. Report the sentences.

  1. Mike said, “We have bought these books today.”


  1. Don’t make noise”, Tom’s teacher said to him.


  1. Steve, go to bed”, said his mother.


  1. Molly asked me, “Did you play with your friends yesterday?”


  1. She said to Helen, “When will you be back home?”


  1. Read the texts about British eating traditions ( a – d ) and match them with their titles ( 1 – 5 ). There is one extra title.

  1. Traditional English tea

  2. What to cook when you are very busy

  3. When the British have their meals

  4. How to buy some traditional sea food

  5. When British people drink tea

  1. People in Russia have breakfast in the morning, dinner in the middle of the day and supper in the evening. This is not the way with the English. They have lunch or dinner in the middle of the day. In the evening they eat dinner, supper or tea. Tea is also sandwiches and cakes at four o’clock.

  2. When the British do not have much time to cook, they buy beans in cans. Then they warm them and eat them. It is so easy.

  3. Fish’n’chips is a traditional English food. When you go to a fish-and-chip shop, they ask you this question: open or wrapped? If you want to eat your chips in the street, ask for them “open”. If you want to take them home, ask for them “wrapped”. British people eat their chips with lots of salt and vinegar.

  4. People in all the countries know that the British love drinking tea with milk but not all of them know when they have it. They answer is they drink it all the time. When they visit their neighbours, they drink tea. If they are tired, sad or happy, they also drink tea.

a)____ b)____ c)____ d)____ extra____


Задание 1 (20)

1-a 2-c 3-b 4-b 5-c 6-a 7-c 8-b 9-a 10-b 11-c 12-b 13-b 14-a 15-c 16-b 17-b 18-a 19-a 20-b

Задание 2 (10)

1-b 2-e 3-I 4-j 5-a 6-f 7-h 8-g 9-d 10-c

Задание 3 (10)

1-in 2-from 3-of 4-at 5-to 6-for 7-from 8-into 9-in 10 –

Задание 4 (5)

  1. Mike said (that) they had bought those books that day.

  2. Tom’s teacher asked him not to make noise.

  3. Steve’s mother asked him to go to bed.

  4. Molly asked me if I had played with my friends the day before.

  5. She asked Helen when she would be back home.

Задание 5 (5)

а-3 b-2 c-4 d-5 extra-1

  1. Total -50 Choose the right variant.


  1. We _____ any souvenirs yesterday. a) didn’t buy b) weren’t buying c) haven’t bought

  2. Tom is happy. He _____his exams. a) passed b) was passing c) has passed

  3. Look! It________. a) rains b) rained c) is raining

  4. When mother came, her children ____. a) fought b) were fighting c) have fought

  5. Russia lies on a huge territory, _________? a) isn’t it b) does she c) doesn’t it

  6. Meat ______ at the butcher’s. a) sold b) is sold c) has sold

  7. What ______cold nights! a) a b) the c) –

  8. Who saw them last night? – We _____. a) saw b) did c) are

  9. Which of you has got BMW? – Boris and Peter ____. a) have b) has c) do

  10. What is the ____ of the room? a) wide b) width c) widest

  11. He hurt his both ____ when he fell down. a) foot b) feet c) arm

  12. Jane is a ____ girl. a) high b) long c) tall

  13. How did they influence ____? a) her b) on her c) hers

  14. She looked at me very ____ a) happy b) happily c) happiness

  15. In London the day will be cold with ________ showers. a) strong b) heavy c) hard

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