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Контрольная работа на времена группы Present

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I.Выберите правильный ответ

1.He … the test for 50 minutes. a)writes b)has been writing c)is writing

2.We … already … the text. a)have… typed b)has been typing c)are typing

3.They are flying over the Black sea… .a)for 3 hours b)every week c)at this moment

4.She often… by train. a)travels b)is travelling c)has travelled

5.How long … you …reading this article? a)have..been b)are c)is

6.MrsSmith … me English. a)is teaching b)teach c)teaches

7.I have been studying Chemistry … .a)for 5 years b)now c)already

8.I…not … you for ages.a)have… seen b)have …been seeing c)don’t see

9.We … to school every day except Sunday. a)are going b)goes c)go

10.Look out of the window! It … now. a)snows b)is snowing c)has been snowing

II Преобразуйте следующие утвердительные предложения в отрицательные.

  1. He usually goes to work at 7 p.m.

  2. We are enjoying the film.

  3. Mary has just met my mom.

  4. I’ve been writing this essay for a week.

  5. They like watching TV shows.

  6. That waiter has been speaking on the phone since 3 o’clock.

  7. You have broken my vase.

  8. The car is going too slow.

  9. I am playing soccer with my brother now.

  10. Lara lives with her parents in London.

III Раскройте скобки

Dear Mary,

I…just(receive) your letter and now I (write)to you.

I am very busy preparing for my exams. It is 8p.m. now and

I (sit) at my table. I I(sit) here since 10a.m. I (do/not) all the exersises yet.

Thank you for everything you have done for me. Hope to hear from you soon. Yours, John.

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