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Контрольная работа. NME- 9. Unit 1


Form 9. Unit 1. Test.

  1. Use which or who to fill in the gaps.

  1. I received a letter this morning ------- had been written by my cousin from Scotland.

  2. Sally, a girl ------- I went to school with, is a film star now.

  3. The Browns -------- used to live next door moved to another city a long time ago.

  4. My sister told me a story ­­-------- I found hard to believe.

  5. She said she had met a man -------- had travelled abroad 10 times.

  1. Choose one adjective to describe each of the following people.

Self-confident, reliable, obstinate, ambitious, cheerful, loyal.

  1. Once Hans has decided to do something, it’s impossible to make him change his mind.

  2. Tom is very keen to do well in his job. He wants to get to the top of the company by the time he is thirty.

  3. Anna is always sure that everything she does is right.

  4. Anita is the sort of person that if she says she will do something, you know she will do it.

  5. Once you are a friend of Paul’s, you are a friend for life.

  6. Maria always looks happy and lively. She is always in a good spirits and makes everybody feel better.

  1. Put What…, What a …… to complete the exclamations.

  1. --------silly mistake!

  2. --------wonderful librarian she is!

  3. ------- bore it is!

  4. -------beautiful eyes!

  5. --------- talented sportsmen!

  6. ---------terrible thing to happen!

  1. Choose the correct preposition.

Hi. My name is Alex. I am 15 years old and I am (1) in / at the 9th grade. I go (2) to / in a comprehensive school (3) in / at Yekaterinburg. The person I admire (4) with / - is my mother. Her name is Anna and she is 36 years old. The reason I admire my mum is because she has gone (5) through / over a lot in her life. First, my mother treats others (6) with / of respect so she can get respect back. My mother cares (7) for / with other people especially the elderly. Secondly, I would like to say that my mother works very hard to keep a roof (8) over / about our heads. My mother gives us good values and teaches us right (9) with / from wrong. Finally I am proud (10) with / of my mother because she is brave and full (11) of / with confidence.

  1. Read the story and write whether the following statements are T (true) or F (false).

Story (by Pedro Pablo Sacristán)

Once upon a time there was a little boy who became very ill. He had to spend all day in bed, unable to move. Because other children weren't allowed to come near him, he suffered greatly, and spent his days feeling sad and blue.

There wasn't much he could do except look out of the window. Time passed, and his feeling of despair just grew. Until one day he saw a strange shape in the window. It was a penguin eating a sausage sandwich. The penguin squeezed in through the open window, said "good afternoon" to the boy, turned around, and left again.

Of course, the boy was very surprised. He was still trying to work out what had happened, when outside his window he saw a monkey in a nappy, busy blowing up a balloon. At first the boy asked himself what that could possibly be, but after a while, as more and more crazy-looking characters appeared out the window, he burst out laughing and found it hard to stop.

Anyone wanting to stop laughing would never be helped by seeing a pig playing a tambourine, an elephant jumping on a trampoline, or a dog wearing a pair of glasses and talking about nothing except politics. The little boy didn't tell anyone about this because who would have believed him? Even so, those strange characters ended up putting joy back in his heart, and in his body. Before long, his health had improved so much that he was able to go back to school again.

There he got to talk to his friends, and tell them all the strange things he had seen. While he was talking to his best friend he saw something sticking out of his friend's school bag. The boy asked his friend what it was, and he was so insistent that finally his friend had to show him what was in the bag:
There, inside, were all the fancy-dress suits and disguises that his best friend had been using to try to cheer the little boy up!

And from that day on, the little boy always did his best to make sure that no one felt sad and alone.


  1. The boy’s friends spend all free time with him.

  2. The boy was angry when he saw crazy-looking characters.

  3. Those strange characters put joy back in his heart.

  4. The little boy talked to his parents about the characters.

  5. His best friend cheered him up using fancy-dress suits.

  6. The first strange character the boy saw in the window was a monkey blowing up a balloon.

  7. His health improved so much that the boy was able to go back to school again.

  1. Put the lines in the correct order to make up a poem.

  1. I had a box of crayons,

  2. My friend said she was sorry,

  3. But I said "I don't care,

  4. I lent a friend one crayon,

  5. 'cause now we both can color

  6. And--oops--it broke in two!

  7. All shiny, straight and new.

  8. with one crayon--we can share!"

Использованная литература

  1. Английский язык: Английский язык нового тысячелетия: Учебник для 9кл. общеобраз. Учреждений / О.Л.Гроза и др. – Обнинск: Титул, 2012.- 192с.

  2. Сборник тренировочных и проверочных заданий. Английский язык. 9 класс (В формате ЕГЭ)/ Ю.С.Веселова.- М.: Интеллект-Центр, 2010 – 88с.

  3. Сборник тренировочных и проверочных заданий. Английский язык. 10 класс (В формате ЕГЭ)/ Ю.С.Веселова.- М.: Интеллект-Центр, 2010 – 88с.

  4. http://www.chudopredki.ru/1085-anglijjskie-stikhi-o-druzjakh.-poems-about.html


  1. which

  2. Who

  3. Who

  4. Who

  5. Which

  6. Who

  1. Obstinate

  2. Ambitious

  3. Self-confident

  4. Reliable

  5. Loyal

  6. Cheerful

  1. What a

  2. What a

  3. What a

  4. What

  5. What

  6. What a

  1. In

  2. To

  3. In

  4. -

  5. Through

  6. With

  7. For

  8. Over

  9. From

  10. Of

  11. Of

  1. F

  2. F

  3. T

  4. F

  5. T

  6. F

  7. T

  1. A G D F B C E H

I had a box of crayons,

All shiny, straight and new.

I lent a friend one crayon,

And--oops--it broke in two!

My friend said she was sorry,

But I said "I don't care,

'cause now we both can color

with one crayon--we can share!"

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