Инфоурок Английский язык Другие методич. материалыКонтрольная работа по 2 разделу учебника "Enjoy English" Биболетовой М.З., 8 класс

Контрольная работа по 2 разделу учебника "Enjoy English" Биболетовой М.З., 8 класс

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      Контрольная работа  8 класс (I четверть)  (УМК Биболетовой М.З.)


1. Read the text and mark the sentences as True/ False/ Not stated.


Yuri Gagarin.


                 It was on the 12th of April, 1961, when the first flight by man into cosmic space took place. Yuri Gagarin, the first cosmonaut in the world, was a 27-year old Air Force pilot at that time.

                  The spaceship flew at the speed of 300 miles a minute. That’s six times faster than man ever travelled before. His flight lasted 108 minutes, but a circuit round the Earth took 89 minutes.

                  It was a brilliant achievement on the part of our scientists and technologists, and on the part of Yuri Gagarin who risked his life to achieve a victory for his country and mankind.

                 This is what Yuri Gagarin said at his press conference:  «On my flight the ‘day’ side of the Earth was clearly seen: the continents, islands, seas, and big rivers. Flying over the land I could clearly see the big squares of fields, and it was possible to distinguish which meadow and which was forest. I could not see as well as from an airplane, but very, very well though.

                   I saw for the first with my own eyes the Earth’s spherical shape. I must say that the view of the horizon is very beautiful. You can see the noticeable change from the light surface of the Earth to the completely black sky in which you can see the stars. This transition, from light blue to dark, is very gradual and lovely.

                   I did not see the Moon. In space the sun shines ten times more brightly than on the Earth. The stars can be seen very well.

                   I felt excellent as I entered space. When weightlessness developed, everything was easier to do. My legs and arms weighed nothing. Objects swam in the cabin.

                  The passage back from weightlessness to the force of gravity happened smoothly. Arms and legs feel the same as during weightlessness, but now they have weight.


1. The first cosmonaut in the world was Neil Armstrong.

2. They want to travel, to see the world from outside the Earth.

3. I have never been on the Moon.

4. In space the Sun doesn’t shine more brightly than on the Earth.


2. Choose the correct variant:


1… is the Sun together with the planets going round it.

a) the solar system b) a galaxy c) a planet.

2… is a large, round object that goes round a star.

space b) the universe c) a planet

3… is a very violent wind in the form of a runnel of air that spins at great speed.

a flood b) a tornado c) a hurricane

4… is a sudden shaking of the ground.

an earthquake b) a drought c) a volcano

5… is a group of stars to which the Sun and its planets belong.

Galaxy b) The Milky Way c) The Moon


3. Open the brackets and use the Past Simple  or Past Continuous Tense.

1. I (to go) to the cinema yesterday.

2. I (to go) to the cinema at four o'clock yesterday.

3. She (to do) her homework when mother came home.

4. We (to do) our homework yesterday.

5.   When I (to go) to school the day before yesterday, I met Mike and Pete.


4. Fill in the gaps with since or for.

1. She has been studying English____ your birthday.

2. Meredith has been living here ____ 1997.

3. Meredith has been living here _____eighteen years.

4. He has been working here ______ the last two years.

5. We have been living here ______ 5 years.


5. Put the words in right order and translate the sentences:

1. music, I, a long, for, have not, time, listened, to.

2. Galileo, telescope, the first, made, it, and, looked through.

3. were, something, They, interesting, looking at, more.

4. careful, should be, Spacemen, with, very, their, spacesuit.



6. Answer the questions:

1. Who was the first astronaut?

2. What are names of the oceans?

3. Is the Sun planet? What is it?

4. What were you doing at 5 o'clock yesterday?



































Task 2

The Solar System is the Sun together with the planets going round it.

A planet is a large, round object that goes round a star.

A tornado is a very violent wind in the form of a runnel of air that spins at great speed.

An earthquake is a sudden shaking of the ground.

The Milky Way is a group of stars to which the Sun and its planets belong.


Task 6

Y. Gagarin was the first astronaut.

There are four oceans on the Earth: the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian and the Arctic.

No it is not. The Sun is one of many stars.

For example: I was reading some interesting book at 5 o'clock yesterday.

We were skating at 5 o'clock yesterday.


Task 5

I have not listened to music for a long time.

Galileo made the first telescope and looked through it.

They were looking at something more interesting.

Spacemen should be very careful with their spacesuits.


Ключи по тексту  

A -F,

B – NS,

C – T,

D – F


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