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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Контрольная работа по аглийскому языку для 8 класса.
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  • Иностранные языки

Контрольная работа по аглийскому языку для 8 класса.


Административная контрольная работа по английскому языку. 8 класс. Афанасьева О.В.

1. Read the dialogue and choose the right answer.

- Would you like a cup of tea, Jill? There are still a few chocolate biscuits left, you know, the ones you like.

- Mark? What do you need?

- What do you mean? i was just making myself a cup of tea and t wondered if my big sister wanted one too. Why are you always so suspicious?

- Because I know you. When you offer to do something for me, you always want me to do you a favor,

- Well, there is just one little thing.

- Get to the point. What do you want? 1 haven't got much time. I've got loads of homework to do this weekend.

- But it's only Friday. You've got plenty of time.

- Tell me what you want before i lose my temper.

- OK, it's just that I wondered if you could help me with my Maths homework, please.

- Again? Why don't you listen when your teacher explains?

-I do, but I can't make head or tail of it. The trouble is everybody in my class seems to be better at Maths than me. Mr Thomp­son often asks if everybody has understood and I'm too embarrassed to admit I'm confused.

- It's very strange. You are good at Sciences in genera! but useless at Maths. If you want to be an engineer you'll just have to improve your Maths. Bring your book here and let's see if I can help you. But remember, I'm not going to do it for you, I'll explain it to you again and then you can sit here and do it. Okay? Then i can carry on with my homework too. If possible I'd like to finish everything this evening, I've got plans for the weekend and they don't include spending hours on Sunday evening doing homework. Ah, before you sit down, did you say something about tea and biscuits?

1. Jill and Mark are going to have some.... A) juice B) tea . C) hot chocolate

2. Jill's got... homework to do this weekend. А) no B) a little C) a good deal of

J. Mark asks his sister to help him on.... A) Friday B) Saturday C) Sunday

4. Mark says he can't... when the teacher explains. A) make his head work B) understand anything C) listen

5. Mark Is bad at... A) Mathematics B) Physics C) History

6. Mark feels... to ask his teacher for help. A) happy B) ashamed C) angry

7. Mark's sister helps him.... A) with pleasure B) willingly C) unwillingly

8. Jill wants Mark to... A) do homework by himself B) do her a favour C) be punished

9. Mark will have to improve his Maths as....

A) he wants to be the best in class B) he finds it very interesting

C) it may be useful for his future job

10. Jill is planning to finish her homework on... evening. A) Friday B) Saturday C) Sunday

№2. Choose the right adverb forms to complete the sentences below.

1. Jane smiles …....... than the sun. a) more brightly b)most brightly c)brightly
2. Alice explained everything …..... than Sarah. a)completely b)more completely c)most completely
3. Who arrived …..... at the party? a)most late b) more late c)latest
4. Jill climbed........... of all the climbers. a)higher b) high c) highest
5. Andy spoke …...... than usual. a)louder b)more louder c)most louder
6. Melissa danced …..........of all. a)more gracefully b)most gracefully c) gracefully
7. Of all three, this boy runs …......... a)faster b)fastest c)fast
8. Today it rained............. than yesterday. a)heavier b)more heavy c) heavy
9. Harriet swam ….......of all. a)slower b)slowest c) slowly

10. The President spoke …....... to Congress than to his helpers. a)calmly b)more calmly c)most calmly

3 .Complete these sentences. Use the words: enrole, wizard, solid, vanished, force, mess, legendary, messing, tickled, rarely.

1. This doctor is a real ... : he can work miracles!
2. She waved to me and ... out of sight in the crowd.
3. Sam and Peter, stop ...ing about or you'll leave the classroom immediately!
4. Cats like to be ... under their chins.
5. Do you know that this watch is very expensive? It's made of ... gold.
6. Look at this ... ! When will you tidy your room, Kate?
7. I very ... go to the cinema, I prefer to watch video films at home.
8. Ulanova is a ... figure in the world of ballet dancing.
9. I did this without thinking, in fact I did it from ... of habit.
10. Which of these courses would you like to ... on?

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