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Инфоурок Английский язык ТестыКонтрольная работа по английскому языку для 7 класс.

Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 7 класс.

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Test Paper

Form 7_____

Unit 1


1. Complete the questions with prepositions to, at or of.

1. What music is your dad fond of?

2. Who are you looking ____?

3. Are you proud _____ your country?

4. Did anything unusual happen ____ you last week?

5. Are you good _____ mathematics?

6. Are you tired _____ learning a lot by heart?

7. Do you often write _____ your friends?

8. Did you always listen _____ your parents when you were four?

9. Were you afraid _____ darkness when you were seven?

10. Are you always sure _____ your answers?



2. Make up the new words using these suffixes.






collect —collection

decorate -

examine —

illustrate —

dictate —

demonstrate —

educate –

celebrate –

calculate –

illuminate –


rule ruler












3. Complete the sentences with the new words from the box.

ruler, education, term, classmate, break, subject, rule, mark, noise, uniform, mistake, College


1. We have a long break at 12 o`clock at school.

2. The first ___ starts on September, 1st.

3. Maths is not my favourite _____ .

4. Jill always wears a_____ at school.

5. Primary and secondary ____ in Russia is free.

6. Nancy wants to go to the _____ of Arts.

7. That was a very difficult ______ to remember.

8. There was a terrible _____ in the hall.

9. Nick is my friend and my _____ .

10. Doris made a stupid _____ in the test yesterday.

11. Sam got a good _____ in physics last week.

12. To draw a straight line you need a _____ .









4. Complete the sentences with the derivatives of the words on the right.



1. There were a lot of shoppers in the city centre.

2. Breathe in _____ through the nose.

3. His strange ideas became _______ and ______ among his friends.

4. John comes from a _____ family.

5. The best kind of story is the story with a happy ___

6. Not all schools here give their pupils ______ education.

7. This is _____ the most important step in my life.

8. The _____ was long and not _____ .

9. Jeremy’s speech was ___ and his ____s didn’t like it.

10. This is a ____ platform.

11. I did the exercise _____ without mistakes.

12. There is only one ______ in our group.





fashionable, popular





meet, interest

form, listen





5. Complete the sentences with the names of school subjects.

1. At history lessons we learn about people who lived in the past.

2. At _____ lessens we learn about different continents and countries.

3. At ____ lessons we run, jump and play active games.

4. At _____ lessons we talk about writers and their works.

5. At ____ lessons we learn about animals and plants.

6. At _____ lessons we do a lot of written exercises and speak English.

7. At _____ lessons we draw or paint pictures.

8. At _____ lessons we learn how to work on the computer.

9. At ______ lessons we learn about different laws of nature.

10. At ______ lessons we count and do sums.


6. Choose the appropriate words in brackets to complete the sentences.

1. Kevin often (talks/tells) talks about his new computer.

2. Molly couldn’t (tell/say) ___ the truth yesterday.

3. Martin (says/speaks) ____ both Italian and Spanish.

4. Mary wanted to (tell/say) _____ something important to you.

5. Nobody ever (tells/says) _____ me anything.

6. Everybody was listening attentively when the teacher (was talking/was speaking) ______ about our test.

7. Could you (say/tell) ______ me the time, please?

8. Don’t you see he is (saying/telling) ______ a lie again?

9. Bob (says/tells) ______ his mother is good at singing.

10. You mustn’t (say/talk) ______ loudly in the library.


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Курс повышения квалификации
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Учебник: «Английский язык», Кузовлев В.П., Лапа Н.М., Перегудова Э.Ш. и др.
Учебник: «Английский язык», Афанасьева О.В., Михеева И.В.
Тема: Revision
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