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Контрольная работа по английскому (Аяпова) 9 класс І четверть

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9 сыныпқа арналған 1-тоқсан бақылау жұмысы

I. Complete the chart

verb noun noun adjective

treat .... help ....

build .... hope ....

write .... nation ....

collect .... day ....

entertain .... continent ....

relax .... health ....

II. Present simple or Present Continuous, choose one:

1) Be careful. The train comes/ is coming.

2) I often am flying/ fly by plane.

3) Sport helps/ is helping us to be healthy.

4) I write/ am writing my letter now.

III. Choose Past Simple or Past Continuous:

5) Yesterday I was watering/ watered the flowers.

6) Last week my father bought/ was buying me a car.

7) When you came I was cooking/ cooked dinner.

8) We repaired/ were repairing our car when you phoned.

IV. Read text & choose the best answers.

A monster of a film

Have you seen any of the first cartoons – Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, and the feature films such as Snow White, Jungle Book and so on? Animated films have come a long way from the traditional animation of those early days. Monster House, which came out in 2006, is the latest example of modern animation films.

Traditional cartoons only use actors’ voices but the latest animation technique, called ‘performance capture’, films the actors’ movements and then puts animation on top of this. The first film to use this technique was The Polar Express starring Tom Hanks. The techniques in Monster House are even cleverer and the film is very realistic and interesting.

Monster House is about a house that is alive and eats people, and three teenagers who have to stop it. Although it’s an animated film it is quite scary, especially when the house gets angry. It’s not recommended for young children, but if you are older and want to see a film that is sad, scary, funny and very clever then Monster House is the film for you!

1) Animated films today 4) Monster House is about

A.are like Tom and Jerry. A.three teenagers who live in a horrible house.

B.use traditional techniques. B.a house that eats three teenagers.

C.use modern techniques. C.three teenagers who fight a house.

2) Traditional cartoons 5) Monster House is a good film for

A.are silent. A.any age group.

B.have real people in them. B.older children.

C.use actors’ voices. C.young children.

3) Monster House

A.is a traditional cartoon.

B.has Tom Hanks in it.

C.is a new type of animated film.

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