Инфоурок Иностранные языки ТестыКонтрольная работа № 2 по английскому язык УМК "Rainbow English"

Контрольная работа № 2 по английскому язык УМК "Rainbow English"

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Sample test № 2                                                                                     6th grade


I.                   Listen and write True (T) or False (F).


1.      Yesterday Fiona bought a lot of nice things.

2.      Fiona is not tired after shopping.

3.      Fiona knows a lot about Hyde Park.

4.      There is a lake in Hyde Park.

5.      People can go horse riding in Hyde Park.

6.      Hyde Park has well-known statue.


II.                Read the text and choose the right answer (a,b,c)


I’m Sally and I’m 12 years old. For me summer is the best season of the year. I have a lot of good friends at school. So, when summer starts I get lots of free time to spend with my friends. We go to the park, ride our bikes and always eat a lot of ice cream.

My parents love to travel abroad while they are on holiday. So we always go to some foreign country in summer. As for me, I also like seeing new places and meeting new people.

Last summer was full of good things. In June my parents and I went to Italy for a week. The weather was warm and sunny. And the nature in this country is beautiful. We swam a lot in the sea, we sunbathed, then we went on some excursions to see the historic places around the country.

I met a nice girl from France there. We became friends. Now we write letters to each other. I hope she will visit me here in Moscow next summer.

When I came back from Italy, I went to visit my grandparents. They live in a village which is not very far from Moscow. The air there is always fresh and clean. At my grandparents’ I have some good old friends, so I wasn’t bored there. I spent a lot of time outdoors. We played basketball, hide-and-seek, and even went to pick mushrooms once.

I should say that summer was great and the weather was always wonderful! It’s a pity, that my favourite season ended so quickly.


1.                       In summer Sally prefers to spend time_________.

a)      At school

b)      With her friends

c)      With her grandparents

2.                       When on holiday Sally’s parents ___________ .

a)      Like to go to the park

b)      Prefer to live in another country

c)      Enjoy travelling

3.                       In Italy Sally didn’t _________ .

a)      Swim in the sea

b)      Go to see the sights

c)      Learn Italian

4.                       Sally and her friends from France ______ .

a)      Are pen friends

b)      Will go to Italy together

c)      Spent some time in Moscow

5.      Sally wasn’t bored at her grandparents’ because ______ .

a)      She played with her friends there

b)      Her grandparents played with her

c)      She met new friends there

6.      Sally thinks that last summer _______

a)      Was strange

b)      wasn’t long

c)      was too hot







III.             Choose the right answer (a,b,c)


1.        There are a lot of __ beaches in Spain.

a)      Sand            b) sandy                      c) resort

2.        _____ our English lessons we read a lot of interesting text

a)      On                  b) with                           c) during

3.    About 8 ___ people live in London.

a)    Million             b) millions                   c) millions of

4.        Moscow is more than eight _______years old.

a)      Hundred        b) hundreds                 c) hundreds of

5.    Last Sunday there were two ____ people in the square.

a)  Thousand          b) thousands                 c) thousands of

6.                     _______ tourists come to Scotland   every year.

a)    Thousand           b) thousands of            c) thousands

7.                     Yesterday Sam _______  in the sun too long and got bunt.

a)      Lay                           b) laid                            c) lain

8.                     When Bill was small, he often_____ to his sister.

a)      Laid                    b) lay                             c) laying

9.                     On Sundays his son always ________ in bed till lunch time.

a)      Lays                    b) laid                             c) lies

10.                 For some people it is fairly difficult to ____ to their friends.

a)                  Lie                b) lay                                c) laid


IV. Choose the words in brackets to complete the sentences.

1. There isn’t cathedral in our village. There isn’t a church there (either\too).

2. Jane doesn’t drink Coke and I don’t drink it (as well\either).

3. I can speak English fairly well and Don can (as well\also) speak English.

4. My friends like to watch comedies and  I like to watch them (too\either).

5. Pam is a good student. Sally is (as well\also) a good student.

6. Everybody  goes shopping and I go shopping (too\either).

7.Len didn’t go to Scotland when he was  on holiday and Sam didn’t go there  (too\either).

8.There is a fountain in the square and there is a fountain in the park (as well\either).

9. Nick can swim and he can (also\ as well) skate well.

10. There are a lot of parks in England and there are a lot of gardens there (also\ as well).


V. Write THE where necessary.

1.___ UK

2. ___White Tower

3.___ Isle of White

4.___British Isles

5.___Great Britain




















7.___Hyde Park


9.___ Westminster Palace


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