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Контрольная работа по английскому языку

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Test on phrasal 7 form

1)Put in the correct prepositions.

1.The machines at the plant where I work often break_____.

2.My parents brought me___ on a farm.

3.Ann broke ___ and started crying.

4.The nurse brought him___gently after the operation.

5.The Police are still looking for the prisoner who broke__- of prison.

6.When Sally dropped her cup, the handle broke ___.

7.Thieves broke___ our house while we were out.

8.I don’t like it when people give___ the ending of the book.

9.WE tried to call the police , but couldn’t get___.

10.Peter got___ the bus and sat near the window.

11.We were going to travel but our plans fell___.

12.I get ___ with Marry very well.

13.The car gave____ a lot of harmful gases.

14.Don’t give___ your personal information!

15.You must give ___ smoking!It’s a bad habit!

16.Jill fell ____ with Bob.They are not speaking.

17.Be confident and bring your parents ___ to your point of view.

18.The headmaster wants to bring ____a change in our life.

2) Combinations with OUT

1.The WW II --- out in 1941.

2.The Apple has just ___out a new model.

3.Are you -----out tonight?

4.You always ___ out from the crowd.

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