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Контрольная работа по английскому языку

Spotlight 8 Test “Education”

1. Fill in the words: connect• timetable •announcements• download •headline • impact 

  1. Haven’t you heard about the train strike tomorrow? There’ve been radio ............about it all morning.

  2. Have you read the ............... in this morning’s paper? A lion escaped from the city zoo!

  3. In order to ............... to the Internet you need a modem and a working telephone line.

  4. Having the TV on while she’s studying has a very negative ............... on Jane’s ability to concentrate.

  5. All the students are given a ………

2.Choose the correct item.

1. Should / May I have some information about Performing Arts Universities in Britain, please?

2. You don’t have to/can’t attend university to get your diploma. There are long distance learning programs online, which can provide you with a very good education.

3. Jack has got a headache. He can’t / shouldn’t sleep well recently.

4. Students mustn’t/needn’t run in the school corridors. It’s against the rules.

5. I could / can sleep for hours when I was a little girl.

6.You needn’t / can’t take an umbrella today. The sun is shining.

7. Jake can / may play tennis well but he couldn’t play a game yesterday because he was ill.

3. Fill in: for, on, away, out, about. Translate the sentences.

1. I don’t believe Jack gave ......... secret information about the company. There must be some mistake.

2. Don’t worry ............... your new job. With the skills you have, I’m sure you’ll do very well.

3. As soon as Mrs. Tyler gave …….. our report cards, she asked us if we had any questions about our marks.

4. Dan has so many personal problems that it’s difficult for him to concentrate …......his studies right now.

5. Bob always blames other people ............... his mistakes. Maybe he should take responsibility for his own actions more often.

4. Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition. Translate the sentences.

1. Her grandparents came ____ France.

2. No one wants to be your friend because you are so mean ____ us.

3. She has a part-time job at the animal shelter and cares ____ dogs there.

4. Don’t blame me ____ being late – it’s not my fault.

5. He has been absent ____ school for a month.

5. Form compound nouns using the words in the list and then use them to complete the sentences.

key cup play head bed ball week note board ache rooms book board end ground

1. Please, put these plates in the ____ in the kitchen.

2. May I go home? I have a splitting ____.

3. Do you know how many _____ there are in Bill Gate’s house?

4. Guess what! I’ve got a ____ as a birthday present!

5. Where would you like to spend this ____?

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