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Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 9 класса

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Grammar Test

I. Choose one of the perfect tenses (present perfect, past perfect or future perfect) to complete the sentences.

1. – Don`t water the flowers! I already (water) them.

2. After she (be) on holiday, she (feel)much better.

3. I (finish) my article by the end of April.

4. Tomorrow I (be) here for a year.

5. After we (eat)the fish we (begin)to feel ill.

6. I just (sit) down.

7. The farmer (say) he (feed) the ducks was going to feed the cows.

8. My father (mend) my bike. Now I can ride it again.

9. John (make) chicken salad for lunch. I hope you will like it.

10. I`m sure Jane (arrive) to Boston by the end of the week.

II. Fill in articles where necessary.

  1. There is _ pen on _desk. _pen is blue.

  2. What_ pleasant voice!

  3. _Moon moves round _Earth.

  4. Tourists often come to look at _church.

  5. Close_ window, please!

  6. I’ve just heard on _radio that Russian cosmonauts are in _ space.

  7. What _thick dictionaries!

  8. In … village where I live there are no cinemas.

  9. Do you often listen to … radio? – No, I usually watch … telly.

10. Have you ever told … lie?

11.What … pity! She has never been to the B. Theatre.

12.How many … hospitals are there in your town? – There is only one. – What’s … nearest way to … hospital.

III. Fill in the prepositions.

1. The comedy turned__ to be very funny.

2. Try to blow __ all the candles on your birthday cake.

3. Will you turn the television __: I have a problem hearing what mother is saying.

4. I pushed my way __ the crowd of people.

5. Sam smiled __ us so cheerfully that we all smiled back.

6. Do you this noise? I think someone is knocking __ the window.

7. He couldn`t sleep but just turned __ in his bed.

8. Hold me firmly __ my hand: you can get lost in the crowd.

9. Americans had to struggle __ independence __ Britain.

10. He turned the whole house __ __ trying to find some up-to-date information on computers.

IV. Express the same in English.

1. Мне бы хотелось, чтобы ты сделал звук телевизора потише.

2. Я планирую учиться в университете после школы.

3. Ты сидишь с кем-нибудь за партой ? (Ты делишь с кем-нибудь парту?).

4. Джон задул свечу минуту назад.

5. Вчера моя мама приходила в школу поговорить с учителем.



1.have already watered

2. had been, felt

3. had finished

4. will have been

5. had eaten, began

6. have just sat

7. said, had fed

8. has ment

9. has made

10. will have arrived


1. a, the, the 7. -

2. a 8. the

3. the, the 9.the, the

4. the 10.a

5. the 11. a

6. the, - 12. -,the, the


1. out 6. On\at

2. out 7. over

3. down 8.by

4. through 9.for, with

5. at 10. Upside down


1. I`d like you to turn down the television.

2. I`m planning to go to university after school.

3. Do you share your desk with anybody?

4. John blew out a candle a minute ago.

5. yesterday my mother came to school to talk to my teacher.

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