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Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 8 класса

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Control work (8 forms)


  1. Use the suffixes tion – or – ment and form the nouns from the verbs:

Manage, instruct, examine, govern, collect, equip, advertise, organize, develop.


  1. I need a friend …… will never let me down.

  2. Kate …… is a teacher at our school, has never been abroad. She is afraid of flying.

  3. My grandfather, ….. sweater you are wearing, was a very nice man.

  4. My friends went to Spain…….. it’s warm and sunny.

  5. The theatre ….you have seen in the pictures, isn’t far away from here.

  6. His parents were doctors……. worked in the hospital down the road.

  7. Look at Mary. She has seen something …….scared her.

  8. The Pushkin novel …… I like best is Barishnya Krestyanka.

  9. I’ve read a book …..was very interesting.

  10. The benches… are in the House of Lords, are red.

  1. Choose the right variant:

  1. The United Kingdom is

  1. A republic

  2. A monarchy

  3. A federation

  1. The head of state is

  1. The Queen

  2. President

  3. The Prime Minister

  1. The British Parliament sits in

  1. One building

  2. Two buildings

  3. Three buildings

  1. MPs are

  1. The people who sit in the House of Lords

  2. The people who sit in the House of Commons

  3. All the people in the Houses of Parliament

  1. How do members of Parliament get into the House of Commons?

  1. The Queen chooses them

  2. British people elect them

  3. They inherit their seats from fathers and grandfathers.

  1. The Prime Minister is

  1. The head of state

  2. The head of the government

  3. The head of the House of Lords.

  1. Translate from English into Russian

  1. It is important to help the lonely. 2. It is interesting to visit the English capital. 3. It is safe to cross the street at crossings. 4. It is difficult to learn to play the violin.

Good Luck!

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