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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 8 класса
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Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 8 класса



Questions 1-10. Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space. For each question, mark the correct letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet.

Deep Sleep

Deep sleep is important for everyone. The actual (1) ………. of sleep you need depends (2) ………. your age. A young child (3) ………. to sleep ten to twelve hours, and a teenager about nine hours. Adults differ a lot in their sleeping (4) ………. . For most of them, seven to eight hours a night is (5) ………. , but some sleep longer, while others manage with only four hours.

For a good night, having a comfortable ( 6) ………. to sleep is very important. Also, there should be (7) …….. of fresh air in the room. A warm drink sometimes helps people to sleep, (8) …….. it is not a good idea to drink coffee immediately before going to bed.

(9) …….. you have to travel a very long distance, try to go to bed earlier than usual the day before the (10) ……… . This will help you to feel more rested when you arrive.


1         A   size                   B number                 C amount                 D sum

2        A   on                     B to                             C in                           D of

3         A   could               B ought                     C must                       D should

4         A   ways                 B habits                    C manners                 D actions

5         A   few                   B well                         C less                         D enough

6         A   point               B place                       C position                D part

7         A   plenty             B much                       C many                     D several

8         A   because           B as                             C although               D even

9         A   Since              B Until                       C After                       D   If

10         A   journey           B voyage                   C call                         D visit



Questions 14-18. Read the text and questions below.

For each question, choose the correct answer ABC or D.

Ainsley Harriott

I`ve always been a bit of an entertainer and played the funny man. I was a part-time comedian for years, so I learned how to stand in front of audiences. It made me sure of myself. I like being liked and I love making everyone smile.

I`ve lived in London all my life and have just moved to a larger house with my wife Claire and our two children, Jimmy and Madeleine. We spend a lot of time just singing and dancing around the house. I grew up with music because my dad is the pianist, Chester Harriott – who`s still playing, by the way. My working day is divided between television and writing cook books, though TV takes most of my time. I spend about five days a fortnight working on the cooking programmes I appear in.

I`m a football fan and enjoy going to matches, but I`m a home-loving person really. I don`t like going to the pub but we do go out to eat about twice a month. There`s nothing better than a night at home playing with the children. I rarely go to bed before midnight. Late evening is when fresh thoughts usually come to me, so I often write or plan my programmes then. When I eventually get to bed, I have no trouble sleeping.

1. What is the writer`s main purpose in writing the text?

A             to describe how he lives

B             to say what makes him laugh

C             to talk about his cooking ideas

D             to explain how he started in TV


2. What would a reader learn about Ainsley from the text?

A             He is a very good musician.

B             He likes to plan the family meals.

C             He is nervous about performing on stage.

D             He enjoys spending time with his family.


3. What does the writer say about himself?

A             He loves going out and meeting people.

B             He is very similar to his father.

C             He enjoys being popular.

D             He should go to bed earlier.


4. What does he say about his working life?

A             He would like to appear less on TV.

B             He gets his best ideas at certain times.

C             He prefers being a comedian.

D             He should practise cooking more.


Put the following sentences into the correct tense: Simple Past, Simple Present, Present Continuous or Past Continuous, Present Perfect.

1. I ________ (listen) to the radio while Mary __________ (cook) dinner.

2. You __________ (buy) this book yesterday?

3. Last Friday Jill __________ (go) home early because she __________ (want) to see a film.

4. When your brother usually __________ (get) home in the evening?

5. Jane always __________ (bring) us a nice present.

6. What those people __________ (do) in the middle of the road?

7. You __________ (read) this book?

8. While Fred __________ (sleep), Judy __________ (watch) TV.

9. When I __________ (be) young, I __________ (think) Mary  __________ (be) nice — but now I  __________ (think) she’s fantastic.

10. Jill __________ (walk) home when she __________ (see) her husband’s car outside the cinema.

11. Look there! Sue and Tim __________ (run) to school.

12. Jack’s father __________ (not work) in London — he __________ (not speak) English.

13. Joe __________ (buy) a car yesterday.

14. Their father often __________ (go) to rock concerts.

15. While you __________ (sleep), mother __________ (arrive).  

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