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Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 5 класса за 1 полугодие

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Контрольная работа по английскому языку в 5-м классе за 1 полугодие (по УМК English

Favourite” авторов С Г. Тер-Минасовой, Л.М Узуновой и др.)

I. Напиши числительные словами:

19, 11, 113, 33, 12, 20, in 1147, in 1993, in 2015, 225, 15, 55, 999, 1317,

II. Поставь существительные в нужную форму:

1.My aunt Polly has three (child).

2.Two (policeman) came to arrest the criminal.

3.Bright autumn (leaf) fell to the ground.

4.The farmer bought two hundred (sheep).

5.My little sister has got a lot of (toy).

6.London and Manchester are large (city).

7.The baby had only four (tooth).

III. Впиши артикль the, где необходимо:

1.__Volga,__Ob, __Yenisei are the longest rivers in___Russia.

2.Have you ever been to __Black sea?

3.Is __ Ben Nevis the highest mountain in __ Scotland?

4.__ Rusia is situated in ___Europe and ___Asia.

5.___Altai mountains are very popular with tourists.

IV. Составь разделительные вопросы:

1.There are 14 national parks in New Zealand, ____?

2.Cardiff is the capital of Wales_____ ?

3.Captain James Cook discovered Australia,__________?

4.Harry can swim well,____________?

5.It will be cold tomorrow,___________?

V. Прочитай текст и выбери правильные ответы:

The Kizhi Island is situated in the north of Russia. It is washed by the waters of Lake Onega. In the 10-th-11-th centuries people from Novgorod came to the island because they looked for new lands in the north. In the 16-th century there were 12 villages on the small island. People who lived there made very beautiful houses and churches of wood. Now one of the largest outdoor museums in Russia is situated on the Kishi island. It is a historic, cultural and natural museum of the Russian North. Some monuments of Russian architecture were built on the islands, the other were moved there from different villages. The summer church is the highest and the most beautiful on the island. It was built in 1714. Next to it there is a winter church and a bell tower. Three of them are the central buildings of the seum. Here you can also see big houses where peasant families lived. On the island you can take part in folklore festivals, organized by the people who work in the museum.

1. The Kishi island is situated a) in the west of Russia ,b)in Siberia c) in the north of Russia

2. It is washed by the waters of a) the Baltic sea, b) the North sea, c) lake Onega

3.Many years ago people came a)Moscow, b)Novgorod, c) Kiev

to the island from

4.Houses and churches on the

island are made from a)wood ,b) stone,c) metal

5.On the island tourists can

take part in a)football matches, b)painting houses, c) folklore festivals

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