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Контрольная работа по английскому языку 9 класс

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Контрольная работа по английскому языку

  1. класс

I.Transform the following sentences changing verbs from Active into Passive Voice.

   Example: My elder brother repaired the bike. – The bike was repaired by my elder brother.

  1. Lyuda will show you a new book of pictures.


  1. Tom Sawyer whitewashed the fence.


  1. In summer the boys often drive the horses to the fields.


  1. The explorers gave the newspaper reporters a long interview.


  1. A marble pavillion protects the house.


II. Put in the right form of pronoun.

  1. (Her/Hers) car is slower than … (my/mine).

  2. What colour are … (you/yours) eyes?

  3. hair is as dark as … (hers/her/my/mine).

  4. That house over there is …(their/theirs).

  5. These are Nina's toys. The toys are … (mine/his/hers).

  III. Choose the correct pronoun.

1.The teacher doesn't want … to speak Russian in class.

             a) we        b) us       c) they

2. I'd like … to help Peter.

            a) you       b) your   c) yours

3. He expects … to come on Sunday.

            a) I            b) my     c) me

4. Our mum would like … to take care of our cat.

           a) them     b) us       c) we

5. Do you want … to meet him at the airport?

           a) they      b) their   c) them

IV. Complete each sentence with one of the words below. One word is odd out.

  private    punishment       depressed      secondary       education     allowed    argument

               argue       trouble          compulsory      behaved

  1. Students are … to talk freely about their problems.

  2. I'm frightened of getting into … , but it's not true.

  3. The education in … schools is very expensive.

  4. Public schools are famous not only for their perfect … .

  5. Each teacher reports if you have … well or badly.

  6. In Russian schools there are several types of … like in British schools.

  7. Martin is … because he can't speak to the girl he really likes.

  8. It's a strong … .

  9. You shouldn't … with your parents.

  10. At … school pupils study for five years.

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