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Контрольная работа по английскому языку 9 класс


Курсовая работа

слушателя курсов ИЯ-41

«Формы контроля на уроках иностранного языка»

Выполнила: Шарманджиева Н.Н.

Дата 15.01.2010

ЮЗАО, Ломоносовский район, ГОУ СОШ с углубленным изучением иностранного языка №1361.

Тел. (499) 132 13 44

Москва, 2010

Текущая диагностическая работа по английскому языку, 9 класс


Тестовых заданий

Дата проведения:

Цель проведения: проверка коммуникативных умений учащихся в чтении страноведческого текста, лексике, грамматике, умении выразить свое мнение о прочитанном.

Содержание и структура работы:

Код контр. элемента

Содержание проверяемых элементов


Чтение с полным пониманием содержания текста. Многовариантный выбор ответа.


Выбор ответа TRUE or FALSE по содержанию прочитанного.


Краткое описание личного мнения к данному утверждению.

Работа состоит из 3 заданий:

  1. Многовариантный выбор ответа.

  2. Тест на выбор правильного ответа.

  3. Краткое описание личного мнения к данному утверждению.

Количество вариантов: 1

Задание №

Содержание задания

Максимальный бал

Критерии оценивания


5 предложений


Каждое правильный ответ оценивается 1 баллом


5 предложений


Каждый правильный ответ оценивается 2 баллами


Описание личного мнения


  • Содержание (соответствие теме задания, наличие грамматических ошибок не мешающих понимаю содержания) – 10 баллов

  • Лексика письма (использование широкого диапазона лексических средств: синонимов, вводных слов и т.д.) – 10 баллов

Максимальный первичный балл за работу: 35баллов

Шкала перевода первичного балла в привычную систему оценивания:

Оценка «5» - 35 баллов

Оценка «4» - 34 - 31 баллов

Оценка «3» - 27 - 20 баллов

Оценка «2» - менее 20 баллов

Queen Victoria ruled the UK from 1837 to 1901. This period in the histo­ry of the country is called Victorian. It is marked by great change. During this period the country became one of the richest and most powerful in the world as a result of the growth in industry and trade and the development of the British Empire. At the same time in Victorian England the gulf between the rich and the poor became wider and Victorian factories were notorious for using children's labour.

When people think now of the Victorian period, it is often seen as a time of strict moral standards when people were very serious and often pretended to have better moral principles than they actually had, marriages were always permanent and sex was never mentioned. This way of life and many of the Victorian ideas may seem strange to us and often rather hard, but the Victorians were contented, and they were satisfied with few pleasures.

In a Victorian middle-class1 family father, known as Papa, with his beard or side-whiskers, was the Head of the House and the breadwinner, and everyone especially the children, treated him with the greatest respect. His word was law for all the house­hold: his wife, children and servants. He sat at the head of the table and carved the joint of meat at din­ner. The youngest members of the family were not sup­posed to talk unless spoken to by a grown-up.

Mama kept her large family in order, and used a cane, if necessary. With eight, ten, twelve or more children, she was a very busy mother, for there were no vacuum cleaners, washing machines or electrical gad­ gets in the house. Tinned goods and foods prepared in packets were unknown. Clothes were mostly made at home or at a dressmaker's in the town. After she was thirty, Mama was considered quite middle-aged and often took to wearing a little lace cap in the house.

At the end of the day Papa took family prayers, when everyone, including the servants, knelt down in the dining room or study. He also led the family to church on Sunday. Sunday was a very solemn day and as little work as possible was done. No shops were open and there were certainly no amusements. Everyone put on their best clothes, which were usually stiff and uncomfortable. On Sunday afternoons the family often went for a walk, but no games were allowed. Even picture books were forbidden on Sundays; Sunday reading included the Bible and certain books about the saints.

Although there were no radio sets, television, cinemas or motor cars, the Victorians did not find life dull. People worked longer hours, often twelve or fourteen hours a day. Amusements were simple and the family often gathered round the piano to sing the latest popular songs, or entertained each other by reciting I or playing the piano. Public readings from Dickens and recitations were popular, and drew large audiences. In London and the large towns the music halls were no considered quite respectable, but there was sometimes visited.

Children very rarely went to any entertainment, except perhaps to the circus or to a pantomime. They had their parties, with many of the games which are still played, like blind man`s buff. Children had plenty of books. Many of the best children`s stories were written in Victorian days: Alice in Wonderland, The Water Babies, Tom Brown`s Schooldays, Black Beauty, Little Women and Treasury Island.1

1.Choose the best answer, a, b, c, or d , to complete these sentences.

  1. Queen Victoria ruled in the UK............years until her death in 1901

  1. 16

  2. 86

  3. 36

  4. 64

  1. The Victorian period is seen as a time of ………

  1. great battles

  2. strict moral standards

c)important inventions

c)the tourism industry

  1. On typical Sunday in the Victorian period people……..

  1. go to church

  2. spend the whole day walking and visiting relatives

  3. work as hard as possible

  4. go fishing

  1. There were popular ………

  1. the music halls

  2. sport competition

  1. cinemas and TV

  2. public reading and recitations

  1. Many of the ……were written in Victorian days.

  1. best children`s stories

  2. most popular songs

  3. most famous plays

  4. most important laws


  1. Read the text and decide whether statements 1-5 are true or false. Write T or F in each box.

  1. Victorian England became one of the richest and most powerful countries in the world as a result of strict moral standards and the way of life of the British.

  1. Everybody in a Victorian middle-class family could Papa with simplicity.

  1. Mama usually kept her large family in order and was considered quite respectable person in the family.

  1. Children who lived in Victorian England had special entertainments.

  1. Parents took great care of about their leisure time and what their children read?



Queen Victoria was happy with her husband a German, Prince Albert, and her nine children (five sons and four daughters), so the family life of the Queen was the model (sample) everybody ought to follow in the country.

Agree or disagree with this statement in about thirty words.




Key : 1. 1.d 2. 1.F 3. Pupil`s own answer.

2.b 2.F

3.a 3.T

4.d 4.T

5.a 5.T

1 Текст взят из учебника «English» IX авторы: O. В. Афанасьева И.В. Михеева

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