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Контрольная работа по английскому языку 7 класс

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Test for the 7th form/

1. Complete these sentences with the right superlative forms.

  1. Mount Everest is ___________________ (high) mountain in the word.

  2. The Pacific is ____________________ (large) ocean in the world.

  3. What was _____________________ (bad) environmental disaster last year?

  4. The Beatles were ________________ (famous) pop group of the 1960s.

2. Complete these sentences with the right comparative forms.

1. Her car is _________________ (slow) than his.

2. Their house is ______________ (beautiful) than ours.

3. Your room is ________________(large) than theirs.

4. Her problems are _____________(difficult) than mine.

3. Complete these sentences:

1.We….in London now.

A.live B. lives C. have lived

2. Last night I….a wonderful dream.

A. have B. had. C. am having

3. I have many friends….are interesting

A. It B. Them C. They

4. I can see a lot of…in the yard.

A. childs B. children C. childrens

5. India….in Asia.

A. is situated B. is proud of C. is interested in

6. My parents…allow me to go out.

A. doesn’t B. don’t C. not to

7. We are going to the theater… Sunday.

A. in B. on C. at

8. It usually…me ten minutes to get to the Post Office.

A. take B. took C. takes

9. Russian…by many millions of people.

A. are spoken B. is spoken C. speak

10. The film…last year.

A. is shown B. were shown C. was shown

11. Our new English textbook ….next year.

A. will be published B. is published C. was published

12. Whose ticket is this? (It belongs to you)

A. mine B. yours C. ours

13. Have you seen the boy…won the competition?

A. who B.which C.-

14. Our house is…good.

A. quite B. quiet C. quietly

15. Pay attention…your pronunciation.

A. in B. at C. to

16. I can speak neither French nor German.-English is…foreign language I can speak.

A. only B. the only C. one

17. Write preposition

1. Listen…me attentively!

18. Напишите глагол в той форме, которую требует предложение.

If I were you, I…go to the party.

19. Tom…know my address. (not)

4. Write the correct form of the verb in brackets (Past Simple or Past Progressive) in the spaces.

  1. I (live)……………. in a big flat.

  2. Paul (live)…………….in a nice house with a garden.

  3. Maria (eat) ……….her dinner all morning yesterday.

  4. Mike and Dave (play) ……… … football at three o’clock yesterday.

  5. Liz and her mother (go)…………. Shopping last evening.

  6. Jake (not work) ……………in 2007.

  7. Steve and Angi (not come) …………… here on Thursdays.

  8. Peter (have) …………. a birthday party that afternoon.

  9. Judy (go) …………..skiing four weeks ago.

5. Read and answer.

Every good climber wants to climb mountain Everest, 8, 848 metres above the sea level, the highest mountain in the world. It stands between Nepal and Tibet, in the Himalayas. It is, in fact, quite a "young" mountain — only about two million years old. The Tibetans call it Chomolungma, the "Mother of the World".

Only just over 600 people have ever climbed to the top of Everest. You cannot climb the mountain without special permission from the government of Nepal; you can only climb it in May or October every year; you must have a booking for your expedition — and at the moment there are no more bookings for the next ten years!

The expeditions which have climbed Everest have all used tents, oxygen bottles and other climbing equipment. Many expeditions have left their old equipment behind them — empty oxygen bottles, old food containers, etc — so there is now a serious litter problem high up on the mountain.

The government of Nepal is now trying to clean up the mountain. In May 1993 they gave permission to a team of young Americans to climb the mountain ... but they asked them to bring back the litter on their way down again. The expedition brought down 2, 850 kilos of litter from the highest slopes of the mountain. This was the start of a plan to clear all the litter from Mountain Everest.

A Write down whether the following statements are true or false.

  1. Everest is less than 1, 100 metres high.

  2. It is in the Alps.

  3. 500 people have climbed it.

  4. People can climb it from May to October.

B Answer the following questions.

  1. Can you book an expedition to Everest now?

  2. Why is there a serious litter problem?

  3. How did the government start to exercise their programme?

6. Write the sentences. Use the past simple or the past continuous.

1. While they (have) breakfast, a telephone (ring).

2. Nancy (watch) TV when the mother (come).

3. While we (have) dinner, my little brother (break) a cup.

4. He (read) a book when his cousin (fall) asleep.

5. The ghost (appear) while we (sit) in the living room

7. Read and translate into Russian.

  1. He was writing a letter at 2 o’clock yesterday.

2. What were you reading at 6 o’clock last night?

3. Ann was making fun of her friend when her brother came in.

4. It was snowing all day long on Wednesday.

5. They were working inside the ship when they noticed something strange.

6. At 8 p.m. yesterday a small satellite was moving towards our space station.

7. Mary was looking at the sky when I touched her shoulder.

8. We were repairing the car when he came.

9. What were you doing when you heard the noise?

Key: 1A 2B 3C 4B 5A 6B 7B 8C 9B 10C 11A 12A-B 13A 14 A 15 C 16B 17 to 18 would


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