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Контрольная работа по английскому языку (3 класс)

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1 вариант

I Reading

A nice Tea Party.

Once Ribby, the cat invited Abby, the dog to her party.

Ribby likes mouse pies but I don’t! I must take my meat pie to the party and eat it there. But how?”

Abby made a meat pie but she didn’t put it into the oven.

Well, now Ribby is not at home. I’m going to put my meat pie into her oven. In the evening I can eat it.”

Abby went to Ribby. Abby came in and put her meat pie into the oven. But she didn’t see that her friend had two ovens, not one!

Why can’t I see Ribby’s pie? Where is it?” Abby thought but she ran away.

In the evening Abby came to Ribby.

What a tasty smell of pies!” said Abby, the dog.

Yes, I love mouse pies!” said Ribby.

Oh, I like them too. Let’s have tea,” said Abby.

They sat at the table and Ribby took the pie out of the oven. Abby took it and ate it all in no time.

My new oven!” said Ribby. Yesterday I made mouse pies in it for the first time. Were they nice, Abby?

But Abby couldn’t speak. She was not OK.

True or false?

  1. One day a cat invited her friend to the party.

  2. Abby liked mouse pies and she often made them.

  3. The dog made a mouse pie and put it into the oven.

  4. In the afternoon Abby came to Ribby.

  5. Ribby had a lot of ovens.

  6. Abby ate the mouse pie at the party.

  7. Abby wasn’t OK.

II Выберите правильный вариант.

1. The monkey`s tail isthan the hare`s.

a) long, b) the longest, c) longer

2. He is … teacher in that school.

a) better, b)best, c) the best

3. The hat is … than the cap.

a) good, b) the best, c) better

4. It isn`t … today. Let`s go for a walk.

a) coldest, b)colder, c) cold

5. Mike is … than his friend.

a )old, b) the oldest, c)older

6. It is … room in the house.

a) more beautiful, b) beautifulest, c)most beautiful

7. Robert doesn`t want to read … story.

a) three, b)third, c) the third

8. She must … the soup.

a) to eat, b) eats, c) eat

9. Слон больше, чем медведь.

a) The elephant bigger than the bear. b) The elephant is the biggest than the bear.

c) The elephant is bigger than the bear.

10. Жираф самое высокое животное в мире.

а) The giraffe`s is tallest animal in the world. b) The giraffe`s is most tall animal in the world.

c) The giraffe`s is the tallest animal in the world.

III Выберете нужное слово

wild, body, finger, toe, hat, wear, boot

  1. I … a cap yesterday.

  2. Do you wear … or shoes when you go for a walk?

  3. My mother wants to buy a new … .

  4. What … animals do you know?

  5. The doll has got ten … on her hands.

  6. How many … have you got?

  7. I think a crocodile has got a long … .

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