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Контрольная работа по английскому языку 9 класс

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1.Прочитайте текст и выполните задания (1-5).Выберите правильный вариант.

Percy Ross was a rich man. But he didn’t want his money. He gave it all to other people because when he was a boy, he was very poor. He worked hard and became a successful businessman. But he remembered the time when he was poor. He wanted to help poor people. “I want to give all my money away before I die,” he said.

People wrote him letters. In their letters people told Mr. Ross why they needed money. Mr. Ross and his assistants read all the letters. (He got 12.000 letters a week.) Then Mr. Ross decided to give money to some people. He usually sent money to old people, sick people and poor children. A mother wrote Mr. Ross, “I have two daughters, ages one and eight. I give the baby one bottle of milk every day. I want to give her two bottles of milk every day, but I don’t have enough money. I also want to give my older daughter ice cream sometimes. Can you help me?” Mr. Ross sent the woman a check. “This will buy much more than ice cream,” he wrote.

Sometimes Mr. Ross didn’t send people money. He sent them things they needed – shoes, a bicycle, a smoke alarm, a hearing aid, new pots and pans, or a sewing machine. Ross usually didn’t send money to young, healthy people. A 16-year-old boy wrote, “I need $900 to buy a good used car. I really need it because I like a girl. She doesn’t like me because I don’t have a car.” Mr. Ross wrote the boy, “You don’t need a car. You need a new girlfriend.” Some people were angry when Mr. Ross didn’t send them money. One man wrote, “I asked you for $20.000 and you didn’t send it. What’s $20.000 to a rich man like you? You are a horrible man! Now I have no chance to become something.”

For twenty years Percy Ross gave money to people. Then, in 1999, he stopped, because all his money was gone. “I gave $30 million away,” he said. “That’s all I had. Now I have no money. But in many ways, I am a rich man.”

  1. Percy Ross gave people money because

A he thought he didn’t need it as he was very rich

B he was going to die

C once he lived from hand to mouth and wanted to support poor people

D he could earn more money

  1. Mr. Ross gave money to the people who

A were old and sick

B were cheated by their relatives

C were his relatives

D sent him letters

  1. But sometimes he didn’t send people money. Instesd

A he sent them what they needed

B he phoned and talked to them

C sent his secretary to them

D offered them a new job

  1. For many years he gave money to people but then he stopped, he said that

A he was a rich man and he also needed some money

B he had spent all his money

C he had no money for charity

D he was tires

  1. Mr. Ross seems to be

A a stupid man

B a rich man

C a generous man

D a lonely man

2. Прочитайте текст, в котором пропущены слова. Выберите правильный вариант ответа.


This is a story about an old man and old woman. They lived near the fine green woods. One summer day the old man 1___ to the woods to pick mushrooms. It was a hot day and the old man soon got tired and thirsty, but there 2___ no water in the woods. So he 3___ down under the tree to rest.

Everything around him was so fresh and fine, but he 4___ so old and sad. He wanted to return the days when he was young and fine. Suddenly he 5___ a little spring near him. he was very glad, as he was very thirsty. He 6___ to drink the water. Soon he felt that he became younger and in a few minutes he was a fine young man again.

He 7___ home to tell his wife about the spring. When his wife heard the story, she ran to the woods quickly, though she was very old.

It was very late, but the old woman 8___ home. So the man went to the woods to meet her. When he 9___ up to the spring, he saw a little girl. She was very glad to see him as she didn’t know how to get home. It was his wife. The man 10___, “my wife wanted to become young so much that she drank too much water”.











A will go

A were

A sat

A was

A will see

A was beginning

A has run

A doesn’t return

A came

A to think

B has gone

B will be
B was sitting
B were
B saw
B began
B was running
B hasn’t returned
B will come
B will think

C went
C has been
C was being sat
C has been
C had seen
C will begin
C ran
C didn’t return
C has come
C has thought

D will be going to
D was
D had sat
D was being
D has seen
D had begun
D will run
D wasn’t returning
D to come
D thought

3. Прочитайте текст, поставьте слова в скобках в правильную форму.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown had two daughters and two sons. Both the 1___ (DAUGHTER) married, and then both the sons married too. Soon Mr. and Mrs. Brown 2___ (HAVE) a granddaughter, and then they had two grandsons. They 3___ (BE) very happy.

Then one of their daughters had another baby, and she telephoned her mother, “Please come and help with your new granddaughter”. Mrs. Brown went 4___ (QUICK), but Mr. Brown 5___ (STAY) at home because he was nearer his job there. But he said, “I’ll come on Friday evening, and I’ll stay till Monday morning.”

On Friday evening, after work, Mr. Brown 6___ (GET) into I train. He was very happy. “I’m going to see my new granddaughter now”, he said.

There were three empty places in the train. There was an old man beside one empty place and Mr. Brown went to him and said 7___ (NICE). “Are you a grandfather?”

Yes”, the man answered, “I have three granddaughters”.

Mr. Brown went to the second empty place. There was an 8___ (ATTRACT) woman beside that. Mr. Brown said to her, “Are you a grandmother?”

The woman answered, “Yes, I have two granddaughters and two grandsons”.

Mr. Brown went to the 9___ (THREE) empty place. There was a man beside that and Mr. Brown said to him “And are you a grandfather?”

No, I’m not”, the man answered.

Mr. Brown smiled 10___ (HAPPY) and said, “That’s good”. He sat down in the empty place and said to the man kindly, “Now I’ll tell you about my granddaughters and grandsons”.

4. Выберите правильный вариант (выражение будущего времени)

  1. She will leave / is leaving for London tomorrow. She has bought a ticket.

  2. We think we will go / are going abroad this summer if we have enough money.

  3. My parents hope I will win/ am winning the competition.

  4. On Sunday we will arrange/ are arranging a party. We have already bought everything.

  5. I am sure my friend will pass/ is passing his exams well.

  6.    They will leave/ They are leaving for Moscow tonight. They have already bought tickets.

  7. 2.        I think I will visit/ I am visiting my friend this week if I have free time.

  8. 3.        I hope our team will win/ our team is winning this game.

  9. 4.        On Sunday we will go/ we are going to the Zoo. My father has bought tickets.

  10. 5.        I am sure I will pass/ am passing my exams perfectly.

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