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Контрольная работа по английскому языку 8 класс 1 четверть

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Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 11 класса I полугодие.

Choose the correct variant

St. Patrick’s Day

On March 17th, many people in the US commemorate St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, where there are many people of Irish descent,…A22… the famous St. Patrick’s Day parade. Bands, marches, celebrities (especially…A23…) come to participate. A green stripe is painted down the center of Fifth Avenue, and the lights on the top of the Empire State Building are turned green, the colour that…A24… the Irish people. Children and adults…A25… something green. In Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday. When Patrick was 16, Irish pirates captured him from his home in England and took him as a slave to Ireland. When he…A26…up he wanted the Irish people to abandon their worship of idols and to be converted to Christianity. After 14 years of study the Pope sent him back to Ireland…A27…a bishop. Patrick travelled all across Ireland and established churches and schools. People say that he performed miracles. One of the legends says that there is no snakes in Ireland today because St. Patrick…A28…them out.

A22 1) takes 2) holds 3) means 4) names

A23 1) politics 2) politicians 3) policies 4) police

A24 1) shows 2) has 3) represents 4) is

A25 1) dress 2) put 3) take on 4)wear

A26 1) made 2) grew 3) gave 4) pulled

A27 1) to 2) like 3) from 4) as

A28 1) drove 2) kicked 3) pulled 4) put

II Fill in the gaps with the correct forms of the words.

Odd incidents happen to Mrs. Brown. Once she…B4 ( return) home at 3 a.m.. She …A5 ( drive) along a country lane when a monster attacked her. The monster was seven…B6 (foot) and had red eyes and a big tail. Surprisingly, many people believe the story. Thousands of people are visiting our town to see it. No one …B7 ( find) it yet. Another curious thing happened to Mrs. Brown not long ago. While driving the car she saw a hedgehog…B8 ( cross) the road. When she came closer, she noticed that there was a plastic yoghurt pot on… 9(it) head. When she looked inside the pot she saw it…B10(be) half full of strawberry yoghurt.

III Open the brackets using Past Simple, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous, Present Contin.

1.Jane just ( 1 -returned) from Berlin. She( 2- pick) up a few German phrases while staying there. 2. “ “The plane (3- take) off exactly on time”, she said glancing at her watch. 3. “ I (4-know ) Mary since my Childhood,” said Sam. 4. We are all aware of the fact that John (5- contribute) articles to this magazines for some time already. 5. Until the 1960s most children in Britain (6-take) an exam at the end of primary school. The school system (7-change) since then.6. They (8-work) on the project for more than two years but I can’t see any positive results. 7. Victorian attitudes about how children should be brought up largely (9- disappear). 8. I love you. I (10- love) you all my life. 9. Jane (11- write) her essay for two weeks already and I don’t think she is completing her work. 10. We (12- live) in this area for nearly 15 years.11.John is usually very polite. What (13- happen) to him? He (14- be) so rude.

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